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What Does Sex REALLY Feel Like for a Man? ~ Peter Stone

I read on another blog that a man's orgasm lasts about two seconds. It was written to help women understand what a man experiences during sex. Amazingly it was written by a man - what a poor, sad individual he must be. What he says appears to have been written by an adolescent virgin. How are women meant to understand male sexuality when this sort of rubbish is ejaculated by supposed scientists? It is like women showing us Meg Ryan's fake orgasm to help us men know what to do to create it! I like coffee as much as the next man, but would it actually work? Here is an extract from the article: Meg Ryan's Orgasm

"Because a man’s psychological pleasure receptors are also tied to his physiological ejaculatory response, his orgasms are generally shorter (last a couple of seconds), more intense, and can only occur once in a given sex session. None-the-less, the warm feeling that begins with a woman’s clitoris and spreads throughout her body is a similar experience [to that] described by men. Men also experience the tingly, pulsating, electric contractions.

"Because of the physiological delivery of semen, researchers speculate that the sensation of orgasm is perhaps slightly more symbolic for men, because it also offers the tangible experience of fluids leaving his body. A lot of men describe the experience as if he is giving a spiritual portion of himself to his lover."

I thought our female subscribers would like to know what making love really feels like for a man and I'm going to do my level best to describe it here.

When I am making love I take time to ensure Angela is fully aroused and often she has an orgasm before I even penetrate her from thoughtful foreplay and/or cunnilingus. We can never guarantee a pre-intercourse orgasm, of course, and often she has no orgasm if she is just concentrating on my pleasure or we're just having a quickie during recreational sex. She doesn't mind not having an orgasm if she has enjoyed the experience. That does make women really different from men. Missing out on an orgasm would devastate me.

However, we do often manage to create an orgasm for her and I sometimes wait for her contractions to finish before penetrating her. Other times I enter immediately and enjoy her spasms on my penis. That is such a delightful experience for me and often sends her into an extended orgasm as she loves the experience of penetration itself.

Once I am finally ensconced inside her, the heat is overwhelmingly beautiful and the tender rubbing of my penis along her vagina has to be one of the very best feelings in the world. Every single stroke is important and fantastic to sense. One problem for us men when making love is that our ladies require continual motion and stimulation to get the best experience and being a thoughtful lover I try to keep moving by rocking back and forth interspersed with the more intense (for me) thrusting. So some of the time my penis is moving just an inch or two as I rock my body back and forth against her, and other times the thrusts are the full length of her vagina from her entrance to the absolute furthest I can reach, kept as slow and steady as I can. Not too slow, of course, otherwise she might go off the boil. Once every two seconds seems to be about the slowest necessary to keep her 'on the edge'.

If I were concentrating purely on my own pleasure I would dearly love to just stop and lie still within her for minutes on end, interspersing that with thrusting and rocking, but the still periods would mean that any stimulation of her clitoris, labia and G-spot would have stopped and that could only be described as a selfish act. Angie doesn't mind me doing that if she's already had an orgasm and these events sometimes extend to our longest lovemaking sessions. An hour inside her is not that unusual and twice that time has occurred, but is exceptional ... in more way than one.

Normally, though, a woman is never going to remain close to orgasm if there is no motion. Unfortunately, keeping the motion going is always going to cause an earlier orgasm for a man if he can't stop occasionally. When I'm working towards mutual orgasms or thinking particularly of Angela's experience I try to never stop the motions even for a few seconds so as I get closer, the proportion of time spent rocking my body increases so that my orgasm can be delayed. Actually the rocking stimulates the glans of her clitoris more than the thrusting so it is extremely rewarding for her, so it allows you to use the rocking as a respite to allow the growing desire to orgasm to diminish a little for you, while maintaining the tension for her.

Nevertheless, sooner or later the build up of sensation begins to lead to a desire to climax. I always ask Angela if she is ready. If she says she is not quite there then I continue the rocking (despite my anguish to climax) and, if I am becoming really desperate, I place my fingers between my pubic bone and her clitoris to add extra pressure there.

Throughout the build to climax, I try desperately hard to keep my motions at a consistent speed and just deepen and lengthen the thrusts. As the end approaches my whole penis is glowing with the heat of the experience. Feelings within it are so intense it almost makes you want to cry and it grows and grows until you know the end is nigh. Nothing is more important than that astonishing feeling of sexual tension welling up inside your penis. It is literally breathtaking. It doesn't matter what else is happening when it begins, whether it is her fingers cupping my testes, her hands and fingers caressing my face, arms, buttocks and back. None of it is important. In those final seconds I cannot even feel what she is doing nor hear what she is saying. Sometimes a desperate kiss is added and this swamps any remaining conscious control I might still retain. My entire being is concentrated on that vital six inches of my body and if accompanied by a passionate kiss I am totally wasted.

If I have been able to keep my thrusts slow and deep Angela will often have had another orgasm and if it happens when I am close to the point of no return then those are our most wonderful mutual orgasms. Her rhythmic contractions are just the icing on the cake as regards my own climax. In those last seconds the explosive awareness of what is about to take place fills my whole being from deep within my body to the very tip of my glans and then my orgasm arrives. Those first three contractions are the most intense and are followed by a further four to ten involuntary ejaculatory events.

Don't give me this three seconds bullshit, with the type of lovemaking I have described my orgasm lasts at least seven or eight seconds and sometimes up to fifteen seconds. Often Angela will come just before (best) or a second or so after I start and although her orgasms usually outlast mine, it is not by much if I've got it right.

I often then just lie deep inside her, sometimes rocking tenderly and using my pelvic muscles to create manual contractions, forcing every last drop of my essence into her and, on at least two or three occasions, I have managed to give her a further orgasm just from my conscious contractions and squeezes. Extra orgasms from the rocking are a regular occurrence, but less violent and shorter. You could describe them as pleasant unexpected surprises for getting everything perfectly right. We both delight in those, of course, they feel wonderful for me even if they do try to eject me. I push in when they begin to stop that happening. I should probably add that as I need sildenafil sometimes, if I have taken one it allows my erection to stay pretty firm for between fifteen and thirty minutes after orgasm which is lovely for both of us. She loves my manual contractions during that period.

Throughout this I am in seventh heaven and we will lie like this as long as we possibly can, so scissors is the position of choice for both of us if we are after a lengthy event. We can remain within this postcoital embrace for a long time. Eventually, even with Viagra, my erection starts to lose its potency and we fall apart and either lie side by side holding and caressing each other or I pull her into my arms and we keep a cuddling embrace for as long as it feels right. Being retired, we often make love in the afternoon and I've known us still cuddling after sex for an hour or more with sessions regularly over two hours long. The closeness is so wonderful for both of us and Angela digs me in the ribs if she thinks I'm slipping into sleep. I don't mind because the awareness of each other is the most beautiful part of our intense, overpowering love.

Now THAT is what a man can experience during orgasm and although the peak can be counted at ten to fifteen seconds, the vestiges of the orgasm last many, many minutes. Angela's afterglow can continue for several hours and mine for as long as we lie together. National Orgasm DayI've known Angie saying that she still has a glow in her vulva more than six hours after we've made love. I wish I could have a similar experience, but once I get up it is finished for me. I believe that could have something to do with men being the hunter gatherers and needing to change their alert status when leaving to hunt. Just an unsubstantiated theory.

For the record, the tingly electric contractions he mentions do happen during the best orgasms, both Angela's and my legs have been known to jerk and kick to a greater or lesser degree at the height of the orgasm completely involuntarily, literally as if receiving minute electric shocks. This effect is rarer for me.

How could this guy get that bit right, but the duration so completely wrong? Prick! He can keep his two second orgasm, I know which Angela and I prefer!

Can you find the typo in the National Orgasm Day poster?

Peter Stone, 4th January 2014

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