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With the exception of the erotica accessed from the Fiction tab above, all of our erotic stories are true and taken from our own lives. They are mainly tales of romantic lovemaking and include graphic sexual descriptions. If you are an adult with a penchant for beautifully written true erotic stories of lust, love and sex - this is the site for you.

Not Another Orgy? The New Girl Muscles In While I’m Giving Cunnilingus To An Old Favourite. Sex Monster Years In London ~ Peter Stone

In 1971 when John, our student flatmate in Geoff’s flat, moved out to take up a job in the Midlands, it left us having to find a new tenant for his room. The official tenant was Geoff himself which is why we call it Geoff’s flat, but there were four rooms. Geoff’s the prime supersized double with the bay window, Susan’s and mine, both good sized double rooms and the smaller room which John was vacating. It would normally be called a large single, but you could put a normal sized double in it. I had a king size bed in mine and also room for a chaise longue at the foot of the bed. In addition there was a superb Bush radiogram which I bought from an even more superb shop manageress who I got to know intimately! Geoff paid 20% of the rent, Susan and I contributed 30% each and the smaller room was also 20%. We all thought it was fair enough because it was Geoff’s place and he had the responsibility for the lease. We all shared power, phone and most of the food.

Geoff’s flat was a hotbed of sex. Now I don’t want you to imagine that each of us simply invited girlfriends and live-in lovers to stay over. That doesn’t even come close to the activities which took place in the flat.

When I first arrived I remember undergoing an actual interview in front of the three of them to determine that I would be okay to join them. It wasn’t an easy experience as I didn’t know if they were looking for someone who enjoyed and enthused over free love or whether that was the sort of person which they were trying to avoid.

Anyway I passed the test and soon discovered that all of my fellow tenants regularly had live-in lovers, that Susan, who usually partnered with Geoff, was never averse to crawling into my or John’s bed and Geoff never seemed to mind. I brought girlfriends home and found the whole environment really fun and relaxed. We all shared the chores and there were few rules although nudity in the communal areas was frowned upon except, and this was key, during parties which inevitably turned into orgies.

At the first party my eyes were well and truly opened and I realised that sex was not a hobby in this house, it was the be all and end all of living here. Gradually the flat filled up during the early evening with beautiful people, the flower power girls and boys of the early seventies. Also I discovered these parties regularly became true orgies of sexual fun and free love. In the early seventies almost every girl was on the pill and sexually transmitted diseases were hardly heard of and certainly not worried about. There will probably never be such a liberated time again.

I suddenly realised what sort of flat existed outside of my room when I had been making love with a girl called Simone who I’d met at a local shop and when I left my room to go to the bathroom before the two of us were going to join the party, I was taken totally by surprise.

Geoff was naked from the waist down having cowgirl sex with two girls on one of the two large sofas. One was astride his waist rising and falling languidly and the other, flatmate Susan, was sitting astride his face receiving cunnilingus while the two of them, totally naked, had their arms and hands caressing each other and fondling their breasts. An orgy at Geoff's flatOn one of the large easy chairs another girl was slumped with her dress pulled up to her waist with James, a friend of John’s, kneeling before her as if in some religious ritual, providing cunnilingus to her while she happily munched on what looked like a sausage roll with a glass of wine in her other hand. I remember thinking that he couldn’t be much good at eating her out if she was that disinterested.

On the bean bags another couple were having missionary sex on one while two girls were in an affectionate embrace on the other, kissing and rubbing their thighs between each other’s.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and returned to my bedroom to tell Simone what was going on. She didn’t believe me and when she did finally look out of the bedroom door she was horrified and immediately shut it.

“Did you know this sort of thing went on here?” she asked, knowing I’d only recently moved in.

“No idea.”

“Well, I’m not really into that,” she said almost angrily.

“We don’t have to take part. We can still have a drink and some of the party food,” I said to try to settle her a little.

“What, you want to eat sandwiches while sitting next to a copulating couple or standing watching them. They’re everywhere.”

She had a point.

“The other lounge chair is free or we could bring some food and drink into my room.”

“No. I don’t want to sit in there.”

“Okay. Let’s go and get something to eat and drink and come back in here.”

Reluctantly she followed me as we made our way to the breakfast bar in this huge lounge cum kitchen and filled a couple of plates with sandwiches, sausage rolls and cocktail sticks. I could see Simone was trying not to look at what was going on around her while I was trying not to let her see that I was looking.

Armed with our drinks and food we returned to my room and sat on the chaise longue with our booty.

We enjoyed our food, but it seemed a bit strange sitting in here while we could hear the music, chatter and occasional screams of delight coming from behind the door. She indicated that she thought maybe she’d go home, but I convinced her to stay a while longer and we made love again, more leisurely and lovingly than our earlier passionate bang. Orgy sign

She was a lovely girl. At twenty-three I had no problem making love several times a day and delighted in my virility. When I got the room in the flat it changed our relationship completely and Simone had virtually become live-in. We so loved the sexual freedom of being able to make love whenever we wanted. So much better than the digs with strict rules I had been in at my auntie’s house. She also got on fine with the others, but the orgy was obviously a step too far.

When we broke up a couple of weeks later I found myself perfectly capable of enjoying all aspects of the orgy events and this became probably the most sexually adventurous period of my life. No longer relationships with just one girl at a time, I revelled in the variety, fun and furious sexual energy of multiple partners. What was not to like?

Returning to John’s room becoming vacant, Geoff had advertised it in the Evening Standard:

Large single room to let in a shared flat in Holborn, would suit single twenty something man or woman. Very liberal rules, shared chores, large lounge/kitchen, bathroom with shower. Regular parties so would suit young free spirit. Tel Geoff: 466-2483

There were more than twenty calls and Geoff eliminated the least likely to fit in with us and this left us with four men and three women applicants who Geoff had set up to come and see the flat to give us all a chance to meet them. In effect it was an interview.

Two of the men were rough and ready and had come in for short term building contracts so it didn’t take us long to speak to them and send them on their way.

One of the girls was married and living in London for just six months and we felt she wasn’t suitable. The other four seemed fine and it was a matter of having a vote after we’d finished talking to them.

With the men Geoff put in the question, “How do you feel about sex and free love?” which, of course, left them with the same dilemma I’d had when I was being assessed. One actually admitted he was hoping to be able to bring girlfriends home to the flat and the other seemed comfortable with whatever transpired. The two girls were also comfortable when told there was a lot of coming and going of opposite sex friends who often stayed-over. Susan shocked me when she asked each of them outright, “How do you feel about group sex?”

The two boys said they had no problems with it and one of the girls said it was okay as long as taking part was not a condition of taking the room. The other one said she was all for it which surprised me she said it in front of Geoff and me.

The first round of voting had one of the boys and one of the girls with two ‘yes’ votes and no ‘no’ votes whereas both of the others had two ‘no’ votes so could be ruled out. We had a second round giving points out of ten and the girl won by a tight margin. Her name was Debra Goodwin, a mousy haired girl with a slim figure and very short. We all liked her in part because of the way she dressed. Really colourful. We all thought she’d be great fun to join our little band.

She threw herself into our party scene and seemed just as liberal as the rest of the crowd.

My first experience with her came while I was giving the lovely Monica cunnilingus on one of the easy chairs. I felt hands on my hips while I kneeled before the icon which was Monica’s vulva then someone’s thighs pressed up tightly behind mine. I didn’t panic. These were obviously female thighs and hands. I was a bit of a homophobe in those days. While I concentrated on the task before me these delicate and warm hands ran up and down my sides, over my back and then curled around my hips, one of them grasping my seriously aroused erection, massaging it gently with no apparent desire to make me come, just to enjoy the easy stroking and feel of me.

I wanted to look around, but couldn’t do so without breaking my rhythm with Monica and anyone who has given cunnilingus will know how important consistent application of rhythm is. I didn’t know who it was behind me, but I didn’t recognise the hands so she did seem to be someone new.

I enjoyed the caresses while I turned my full attention back to Monica who had probably the sweetest tasting vulva I had ever had the pleasure of licking. Her outer labia were shaved although she still had a considerable rug on her mons which was very springy and nice to touch. Her inner labia were small, pink and delicate which would have been called classically attractive although I liked all types personally. My main technique was to intersperse clitoris licking with longer strokes. Monica’s clitoris was very small so needed quite hard and vigorous attention. Even the lubrication from her vagina was sweet, with only the occasional hint of muskiness as she leaked more from its interior. I just loved vulvas and Monica’s was one of the loveliest. My tongue started at the bottom of the entrance to her vagina, the top of her perineum, then I pressed really hard, flattening my tongue as much as possible as it crossed her entrance, almost pushing it open. Suddenly it was past the tangle of the complex entrance folds and remains of her hymen and into the smooth, almost featureless bulge of her vestibule. I was just able to sense her urethral opening as it skimmed over it and on to the tiny fraenulum where her inner lips joined to the bottom of her clit. As I hit her clit I flicked my tongue rapidly left and right or up and down depending upon what seemed to be working best, continuing that for five or ten seconds before rapidly returning to her vagina and beginning the process again, but never spending more than a couple of seconds away from keeping that clit red hot.

I knew what I was doing. I’d built up a real reputation for my tongue and could tell that Monica was getting close. The tightening of her thighs against my head, the slight shaking of muscular tension in the top of them, her breathing escalating, her tummy beginning to rise and fall rapidly in time. Moans were now almost continuous accompanied by gasps of, “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” and I knew there was now no stopping her orgasm. I hardened my tongue against her clitoris, moved my right hand into position and thrust three fingers hard into her vagina, curling them upwards and rapidly pressing her g-spot. That was it. I knew it would be enough. Monica and I knew each other’s bodies well. She released a scream of joy with my penetration and her orgasm took her over totally. Her vagina squeezing and massaging my fingers, her clit bouncing up and down against my tongue, her thighs shaking uncontrollably and her breathing on hold. It must have been a twenty second orgasm because, about half way through I heard her gasp in a breath and moan loudly and joyously as she expelled it and the contractions faded. I was now able to leave her vulva, but, before I did I gave it some more tender licks, avoiding her clit which I knew was more sensitive than most after orgasm. An orgy at Geoff's flatThere was considerable wetness telling me she must have squirted, even if only a minor amount. Delicious. The function of a woman’s vulva is truly fascinating.

I leaned back so that I was kneeling up and looked down at the hands which were playing with my penis. Monica seemed well sated so instead of making love with her for my own pleasure, I turned to face my kneeling assailant. It was Debra.

I put my arms around her and we kneeled facing each other. Her breasts were on the large size for my preference, but hung nicely and felt good as I lifted and kneaded them. She wasn’t quite naked. She wore a lovely pair of tight French knickers and long, thigh high socks which were so sexy. We kissed. A lovely warm, welcoming, tender open mouthed kiss which allowed us to explore each other’s lips with our tongues.

She giggled, “Can taste that girl on you.”

“It’s Monica.”

“Does she mind us kissing?”

“No. She’s used to sharing,” remembering the first time I’d made love with her and her friend walked in on us and joined in the fun.

“That’s good,” she said standing up.

I held onto her underwear as she stood and I kissed her mons as it was revealed and saw the same mousy coloured pubic hair, quite bushy with an attractive muskiness arriving from between her legs. I stood slowly, allowing her briefs to return to their duty and we embraced again, kissing passionately once more. Over her shoulder I saw Monica head towards the bathroom and she waved affectionately as she passed through my line of sight. She really was a lovely fun girl.

The kiss broke off, “Don’t think I want to make love in public, Peter. You okay to come to mine?” Debra asked quietly and not a little shyly.

“Of course,” I replied and she led me across the flat and into the smallest of the four bedrooms.

She’d done a great job converting it from John’s student pad into a feminine environment with heavy, light-coloured curtains which were needed this side of the house to keep the street light at bay. The eiderdown matched and there were lemon coloured sheets and pillowcases. A dark green blanket covered the sheets under the eiderdown. The bed was a small double or large single. Seemed to be about three feet six inches wide. Also in the room was an upholstered wooden armchair, dressing table, wardrobe and one bedside cabinet. There wasn’t really room for two.

She pulled back the eiderdown, blanket and top sheet, letting them fall over the bed’s tailboard and jumped onto the bed, turned onto her back and held her arms out to welcome me.

I climbed between her parted legs and embraced her in the missionary position, my erection pressing hard against her knickers. I felt her wiggle herself against me as we kissed.

“Do I need to go and get a condom,” I asked. I had no idea if she was or wasn’t on birth control.

“On the pill,” she replied, reached between her legs, pulled her knickers to one side and helped me find the soft yielding entrance to her body.

I always loved discovering a new vagina. They are all so different. Some tight, some ridged, some looser, some with an intrusive pelvic bone which pressured your shaft, others short and opening up quickly further in, others which remained tight their entire length. As I very slowly and tenderly savoured my penetration I wondered what new variety Debra’s might offer.

She was tight, her pubic bone causing a lovely pressing sensation as I passed it and sensed the most lovely sculptured interior. She made a delightfully extended “Mmh” sound as we joined together and I breathed, “Wow, Debbie, wow,” as I thrilled to the unique feeling of entering yet another beautiful girl.

I began to move back and forth, feeling her thighs rising, tightening against my hips and eventually curling around me and linking behind my back. I loved her legs. So silky, so soft, so warm, perhaps the most awe inspiring part of a girl to look at and enjoy cuddling around you. I arched my back slightly to allow me to kiss and suck on her breasts, so soft and her nipples erect and enjoyable to taste. I loved the smell of her body and the hint of a perfume I did not recognise. I slid my arms up her body, under her shoulders and into her hair to hold her head steady as we entered yet another wonderful kiss. Her arms held me tight to her and I could feel her body rocking to and fro beneath mine, helping my lovemaking. This was so new and so exciting. I just loved every new girl I experienced.

“Lovely,” she whispered as our kiss ended.

“Fantastic,” I agreed.

I felt no need to change my speed, neither did she. My strokes were causing my senses to maintain a point below my need to ejaculate. I knew that any moment I could tip myself over the hill of achievement into the abyss of orgasm, but was letting it develop at her speed. Minutes sped by in the beauty of our embrace. Ten, twenty, thirty and still maintaining our delightful rhythm, but my penis was starting to pressure me into completion. The two aches I always enjoyed were now both there. One deep in my lower shaft and the hidden components of my penis which connected to my prostate had been building steadily. The other was in my glans. Hot and wanting to complete. A delectable sensation which, although starting in and totally occupying my glans, was now trying to fight its way down my shaft. When the two met I would be lost to my instincts and the end would be nigh.

I always told girls when my orgasm was close. I felt it was only polite and knew that some of them couldn’t always feel the best of a male orgasm unless they were expecting it. Those two magnificent sensations were almost enjoined. I looked into her eyes and they looked dreamily back at me. I whispered, “Ready?” She simply nodded.

I gripped her even tighter, her nails dug into my back, her thighs clenched around my torso, my strokes became hotter, my penis felt full to excess. I wanted to combust and the explosion was getting itself ready to detonate. An extraordinary heat pushed from my groin, my prostate compressed and began to expel my semen, it rose rapidly, forcing its way along a tube which seemed far too narrow, stretching to the point of hurting as it traversed that six inches of heaving erection and shot itself violently through a glans which ached as if to die and deep into the furthest recess of her beautiful body. My final thrust was hard into her, as deep as it was possible to get and the ejaculation took over my entire being. I could neither breathe nor shout nor contemplate anything other than the phenomenal and overwhelming sensations which linked my brain, prostate and penis. Nothing else mattered as I pumped my very essence in the instinctive compulsion to reproduce.

I relaxed totally, collapsed onto her, trying to ensure some of my weight stayed on my elbows, but I was totally exhausted. I sensed her continuing to rock back and forth beneath me. She hadn’t come so I still had work to do, but it could wait for my recovery.

She kissed me and her hands caressed my back and flanks. I could tell she’d enjoyed it and was so pleased for that. I hated letting a girl down, especially the first time. Making love with a woman should always be a reciprocal experience with mutual enjoyment and satisfaction.

Eventually I lifted myself from her and she hurriedly found some tissues for herself while I simply lay there on my back, eyes closed, enjoying those special moments after making love, when your body felt relaxed and your mind drifted into thoughts about how pleasurable it was to be inside another human being. Thinking how there was nothing as important in the whole wide world as the blessed relief of orgasm.

I felt the bed move and put out my hand to find whichever part of her was closest to me and was surprised to discover that it was her hair as her head rested on my tummy and her hand took my flaccid penis within its warm and comforting clasp. I caressed her hair and back of her head before feeling her ear and cheek which was tremendously warm. Her head moved away slightly, downwards and her lips enclosed my glans, pushing back my foreskin and closing upon my bare flesh. So beautiful and intimate a feeling.

She released me and said, “That was really lovely, Peter.”

“I assume you’re not attached.”

“No, not for six months. Almost stopped the pill, but glad I didn’t.”

“I’m flattered you granted me your body with all the choice in the flat today.”

“Liked you since the interview.”

“Thanks,” I said and felt her lips close on me again and an erection definitely starting to develop. [Oh to be twenty-three again!]

I still had a duty to perform and pulled her behind around so that I could lift her left leg over my head, but first I caressed her through her panties then began to pull them down. I found a wad of tissues inside the crotch and threw them onto the floor, finished removing her underwear and lifted her over my head. Her lips continued to caress my penis as I moved the pillow and her body so that I could get to work on her vulva.

They are all different. Debra’s had protruding inner labia which were a dark purple colour while her vestibule was shocking pink. The entrance to her vagina was tiny and leaking my semen. I moved my hand around to her and separated the top of her labia, pushed her prepuce back and was greeted by the loveliest clitoris. Bigger than most, about the size of the very tip of a man’s pinkie. A centimetre in diameter and about as long so it was a delightful mini-penis with the two arms of her inner labia delicately attached. The clitoris itself was not as smooth and shiny as most but had some texture to it exactly like the male penis glans, tiny crevices and wrinkles but only barely visible. I adjusted my position, wet my tongue and carried some saliva upon it to coat her nub. I felt her tense as tongue met clit, but she relaxed again as I began to slowly circle it with the most fragile of caresses, barely making contact. A new clitoris always needed the most special care. It could be over sensitive or you could treat it roughly, you couldn’t tell except by trial and error and how marvellous to have as many trials as possible.

Peter Stone performing 69 with Debra GoodwinA single groan of “Mmh” was all it elicited, but that told me it was good. I licked deep into her vestibule, vacuuming up my escaping semen before beginning my long strokes from vagina to clitoris. However, with her longer labia I decided to play with them too and took each in turn between my lips, working it within them, squeezing, caressing and kneading to her great pleasure. There were more noises emanating from her and I noticed the fellatio had ceased and I was just being held between her lips, still. It was nice. So warm and comforting for me while I concentrated on her. I’d had several girls with large clits and they could produce spectacular results for their owners. Jillian, one of the girls at the party had a large one and, several times, I had made her come with a huge ejaculation. Once spraying half way across our lounge. I wondered about Debra’s.

Her taste was much muskier than Monica’s but then, hers always was very sweet indeed. The new girl’s was still extremely pleasant and I wondered why they were all so different in looks, flavour and how their genitals were made up. No two ever seemed to be alike.

Gradually I built up the speed of circular licks of her glans then took it completely within my lips and sucked. Not hard, not like a love bite, more like sucking a sweet. There was an instant reaction and she released my erection to give a small cry. More flicks and circles then another suck. Another cry and I saw her vagina open and close releasing more of my semen. I ignored it this time. It tasted awful compared to her. More circles, more flicks and then I sucked again only this time I didn’t let go. I pressed my mouth as tight as I could against her, drawing her clitoris into my mouth as far as I could, gripped it with my lips to hold it steady while I began rubbing my tongue over its very tip.

The crying turned into a baleful moan of pleasure mixed with the impression she was also in pain. I held on and held on and sucked and licked. Thirty seconds, a minute, two minutes and pow. She groaned loudly and her orgasm came like a steam locomotive and I had a fascinating close up view of the action. I released my grip on her and watched her vulva pulsing and squeezing, muscles gripping as if to hold on to something within her vagina and also her anus which contracted in time with the rest. How splendid to watch and see what I’d managed to bring about within her body.

She rolled over and onto her back, still with her head to the foot of the bed and I turned to lie part way across her and kiss her tenderly. Her eyes watched my approach, her whole face smiled at me, the tops of her cheeks looked as if she’d been sunburned and her lips hardly reacted leaving me to put the energy and passion into our kiss.

“Oh, Peter, oh Peter,” she whispered as the kiss ended.

“Good?” I asked.

“The best.”


“I mean it. No one has ever done it like that.”

“We aim to please.”

She laughed, “Well I can assure you you did. Wow.”

“My pleasure.”

“I thought I’d had cunnilingus before, but never like that. Wonderful,” and she lifted her head to kiss me again.

“Sleep with me tonight, will you?”

“I’d feel honoured,” I replied.

A puzzled expression came over her.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I was in the middle of something and got distracted,” she giggled, pushed me back off her, grabbed a pillow and stuck it under my head and continued, “my turn.”

She shuffled down the bed out of my reach and I felt her hand take hold of my testes, followed by those lovely lips gripping me again. My erection quickly returned as she gave her full attention to me. Kissing me, licking me, sucking me, stroking me and each movement repeated using different techniques. It was absolutely fabulous.

What was best was that she was in no hurry. This wasn’t me being mechanically fellated because I’d given her cunnilingus. This was her fellating me because she wanted me to have an equally wonderful experience to hers. From where I was lying I could just stroke the smooth skin of the back of her left thigh. So lovely. I was having a spectacular time.

The heat began to build within me and I made sure she was aware how good it was from my own enjoyable groans and whimpers.

Ejaculating is the best feeling in the world. Ejaculating inside a lovely girl enhances it. Having experienced one end of her body, nothing could have been better than what was happening to me now. As I got closer I made sure she knew and then those same aches and feelings of need arrived and I came in another torrent despite its proximity to the last.

She never hesitated in her fellatio, taking every last drop of my essence into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around and around to my total delight as my orgasm finished and my body fell back onto the bed from the dizzying heights of my ecstasy. Incomparable. Truly incredible.

So now there were two girls in the flat. Both lovely, both sexual partners. Debra and I slept together that night, making love three more times by morning when we almost crawled from the bed in exhaustion to begin the shared task of cleaning the flat from the party the night before.

Clearing up was always an exciting and wondrous experience and this morning was no exception. On this occasion we found four pairs of girls briefs, one pair of boxers and a pair of Y-fronts plus an unmatching bra, a girl’s cotton top and two odd socks. None of those belonged to Geoff, me, Debra or Susan. Such excitement. There were the more lugubrious finds including used tissues which had to be picked up by their corners and even a used condom which, to Susan’s great relief when she found it, was empty. You’d think people would ensure they didn’t leave such unsavoury things around the flat, wouldn’t you? There were also a few wet patches which didn’t cause too much trouble, but it did result in a mini conference between the four of us how to stop that happening. Debra suggested a pile of towels a sign on the mantle shelf. We all laughed over what it might say, but agreed the concept in principle. Perhaps, “PLEASE USE TOWELS TO PROTECT FURNISHINGS.”

Debra was not possessive and we made love regularly, but not exclusively although I noticed she never had sex with Geoff. After my break up with Amber, Susan and I actually shared a room for a few weeks, but she drifted back to Geoff again recently. Her heart was with Geoff, but his was not with her. A little sad really.

I hope this story has given you an idea of the goings-on during my period in Geoff’s flat. I know that some of the stories do seem a bit far-fetched, but they really are all true. You have to remember that this was the nineteen-seventies in London. Only San Francisco came close to London during the decade of flower power and free love was very much a feature of my time in the city.

I must add that although I was not the sort of guy you would want your daughter to meet in those days, all things come to an end and within thirty months I had married and was on my way to becoming a responsible family man.

Peter Stone, 12th October 2014

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