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With the exception of the erotica accessed from the Fiction tab above, all of our erotic stories are true and taken from our own lives. They are mainly tales of romantic lovemaking and include graphic sexual descriptions. If you are an adult with a penchant for beautifully written true erotic stories of lust, love and sex - this is the site for you.

Peter Stone's True Life, Love, Romantic, Erotic and Relationship Stories.

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Read all 72 of Peter's true love and sex stories, full of explicit and often romantic lovemaking.

If this is your first visit to this page then do please read the Back Story in the top index as it will add to your understanding and pleasure in enjoying our stories.



The First Time I Ever Received Fellatio - 1964

First Experience Of Mutual Orgasms During Lovemaking - 1964

Tormented Letters To My Lost Lover - 1964


Losing Angie Turned Me Into A Fiendish Sex Monster - 1965

A Young Virgin Saved From Me By Vaginismus - 1965

The Trouble With Virgins Is Their Lack Of Experience! - 1966

Sweet Second Lovemaking And Her First Ever Orgasm - 1966

The Most Delightful Fellatio Treat and Cowgirl Sex On The Beach In The Sunshine - 1966

I Was An Inconsiderate Two-Timing Fool And Deserved To Be Dumped! - 1966

A Week Of Energetic Sex With A Girl On Vacation - 1966

Party Sex And I Didn't Even Know Her Name - 1967


Enormous Labia, Huge Wings, But Tiny Clitoris - 1969

How To Make Love With A Virgin - 1969

Cunnilingus To A Magnificent Orgasm - 1969

Sex On A Rug In A Shop Storeroom - What A Surprise! - 1969

Ensuring "She Comes First" - Leads To A Phenomenal Male Climax! - 1969

Fellatio, Sex & Shared Orgasm Orgy With Three Nubile Teens - 1969

Sex Monster Days Six Girl Orgy. Sex, Cunnilingus, Fellatio & Full Lovemaking - 1969

Three In A Bed. Return Of Two Orgy Girls For My Famous Cunnilingus Orgasms - 1969

Why Did Sex With One Girl & Another Boy Make Me Feel Uncomfortable? - 1969

Fantastic Cunnilingus With My Fabulous Caribbean Lover - 1970

Everlasting Lovemaking To Die For With My Afro-Caribbean Beauty - 1970

Interracial Dating Abuse. Her First Squirt From Cunnilingus & Brilliant Cowgirl - 1970

Losing My Caribbean Queen & Consolation Sex From The Lovely Susan - 1970

Cunnilingus In The Lounge, While Sleeping Beauty Slept In My Bed - 1970

Giving A First Time Lovemaking Orgasm To The Most Beautiful Girl - 1970

Lovemaking With The Astonishingly Beautiful Anne. Wonderful! - 1970

Was I Mad To Dump The Most Beautiful Girl In The Whole Wide World? - 1971

New Girl Muscles In While I’m Giving Cunnilingus To An Old Favourite - 1971

The Lovely Susan Crawled Into My Bed Asking For A Fuck! - 1971


Male Erotic Orgasm Denial - Fun or Torture? - 1973

Al Fresco Sex. Is Making Love In The Heather As Romantic As It Sounds? - 1973

Our Pagan Sexual Ritual Denied Us Membership Of The Prehistoric Club! - 1973

Did You Make a Big Deal About Losing Your Virginity? Meeting Christine - 1973

Helping An Unresponsive Girl Enjoy Lovemaking? Christine Part 2 - 1973

Teaching Petting, Fellatio, Cunnilingus And Multiple Orgasms? Christine Part 3 - 1973

Fantastic Fellatio, Orgasmic Oral, Luscious Lovemaking, Losing Christine! - 1973/88


Can The Use Of A Prostitute Ever Be Justified? I Was So Lonely - 1988

Love After Death. Can You Ever Make Love To A Patient? Supermarket Girl Part 1 - 1989

Wine Her, Dine Her, Then Make Beautiful Love To Her. Supermarket Girl Part 2 - 1989

Meeting The Family & Sex In The Family Home. Supermarket Girl Part 3 - 1989

French Kissing In France, Vacation Fucking & Blissful Lovemaking. Supermarket Girl  Part 4 - 1991

Al Fresco By The Pool, Home, Then Goodbye. Supermarket Girl Part 5 - 1991

Would A Good Man Ever Pay For Sex? - 1991


Can Viagra Improve Your Erection and Orgasm? - 2006

Can You Love Two People? My Emotional Tragedy! - 2010

Angie's Violent Fuck. My Own View Of This Amazing Event! - 2010


How To Give A Clitoris Orgasm with Just One Finger - 2013

Fellatio Wake Up Call - 2014

Baring the Sexual Soul - 2013

Big Christmas O - 2013

Lover's Tiffs - 2013

What Does Sex Really Feel Like For A Man? - 2014

Can A Lesbian Be Born With A Penis? - 2014

Can A Powershower Masturbate A Penis All the Way to Orgasm? - 2014

What Makes An Erection So Wonderfully Sensitive When Touched? - 2014

The Wondrous Satisfaction Of Giving Orgasms To Angela Goodnight - 2014

Being Madly In Love When Making Love Is Incredibly Exciting - 2014

The Best Lovemaking Position After Hospital Discharge? - 2014

Oral Sex Adventure! Usually Cunnilingus Comes Before Fellatio, But Not Always - 2014

Mutual Morning Masturbation With The Durex Dream Vibrator - 2014

Aroused, Masturbated, Fellated & Fucked By The Most Beautiful Girl In The World - 2015

Oral Hygiene, But Beware The 'Whoops!' - 2015

Shower Sex! Washing Angela - 2015

Angie Finds Out What My Lust Factors Are - 2015

Infallible Cold Relief! - 2015

The Day I Met The Virgin Mary And She Was Naked! - 2015

Angela, Angela Always Inquisitive; What Would You Like To Know? - 2016

Leap Year Indecent Proposal, Irresistible! - 2016

Birthday Blow Job! - 2016

NEW Sofa Lovemaking - 2016