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With the exception of the erotica accessed from the Fiction tab above, all of our erotic stories are true and taken from our own lives. They are mainly tales of romantic lovemaking and include graphic sexual descriptions. If you are an adult with a penchant for beautifully written true erotic stories of lust, love and sex - this is the site for you.

The back story of Angela Goodnight and Peter Stone

Angela's legs!Peter's hat!My husband, Peter Stone, and I were teenage lovers in the 1960s, but lost contact.

We found each other through facebook in 2010 & enjoyed reminiscing.

When Fifty Shades of Grey was published we realised that sexually explicit novels and stories no longer carried the stigma they once did, so we have published our erotic accounts of young love, sexual awakening & the loss of our virginities in sexually explicit detail.

When we decided to publish our stories and run a blog, legal advice was that we should maintain pseudonyms to protect my mother and Peter's family from being shocked by our frankness. In addition, our various lovers during our 45 years apart would be identifiable if we used our real names and that would have repercussions which would prevent us writing the truth about them. Our websites are therefore managed by a company appointed by our lawyer. We do, however, interact through our pseudonyms as real people, after all, what is in a name? When you write to us or ask questions on our blog you are speaking to me and to him. That the pseudonyms are different from our own names is irrelevant to our writing or how we respond to your questions.

Owing to publishing regulations in many countries, we have had to adjust our ages in books which deal with our early lives as we were actually only 14 and 16 respectively when we became lovers. In the books we have had to increase this to 18. Try not to be judgemental about our ages as we are still together over fifty years later and do not advocate under-age sex, although do acknowledge that it does and has happened throughout time.

Our Lives:

Angela Goodnight

My father’s lineage was English going way back, but my grandmother on my mother’s side was Chinese, coming back to Britain with a sailor returning from a trade mission to Shanghai in 1899. They settled in the small town of Arlesford in Hampshire.

An only child, third generation Chinese, I have some oriental features which made me the butt of jokes when I first moved to Gurney and joined the local High School. However, my easy going personality soon won me many friends. I survived the prejudice which was much more common in those days.

Peter, also an only child, was born in Bedford in 1948 so two years older than me. His parents moved to Gurney in 1964 when his father sold a contracting business and took early retirement.

Both Peter and I attended the Gurney High School which is where we met in 1964 at the ages 14 and 16 (him) and the fascinating story of our teenage love affair appears in these pages.

When my parents relocated in December 1964 I joined a school in Stafford where my father had become headmaster. I was always a clever student and managed to obtain A in French, A in German and a B in Latin. This saw me accepted to Manchester University where I studied modern languages, primarily French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Graduating with honours in 1971, I spent the next six years working with the department of trade and industry in London specialising in international trade with Hong Kong and China. Eventually I left the government department and began teaching and translating Mandarin and Cantonese privately. it was while doing this that I met my first husband. We married in 1984 and lived in Ewell in Surrey, where I continued to provide private lessons and translation services.

My marriage quickly became abusive, loveless and unhappy. When my husband discovered that I was unable to have children, he blamed me then became increasingly domineering and abusive towards me, making sex unpleasant, beating me on several occasions and, after any semblance of love had gone from the marriage and I moved into the spare room, he then raped me violently. That was when I moved out of our home and divorced him four years later.

Working from a flat in Hounslow under my married name Angela Weston, I continued to develop my private teaching and translation work to and from English. I also had a series of love affairs including a lesbian affair with a Chinese girl I had employed for additional translation work.

My lesbian affair was a mistake. While I found the sex interesting, fun and enjoyable, after a few months I realised that my orientation was not really bisexual and took the first opportunity to break it off. This was traumatic as my partner had given up her own apartment and moved in with me. I felt really bad about this and still regret that it was necessary. Lesbianism was just not right for me. Break ups are never good, whether heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian.

Having had no children I managed to retain my figure and have also kept very fit, so men still considered me a very beautiful woman even in my fifties and sixties, so I continued to date and sleep with men I got to know and liked, but although I enjoyed the sex, I found none of the affairs totally fulfilling.

In 2010, aged 60, I sold up my translation business, retired and moved to the village of Bideford in Devon. It was then that Peter found me through facebook.

During my life I had twenty-six lovers, each of whom appear in my stories. [Note: actually a couple are still not mentioned, but I will write about them in 2015 and include them in the timeline.]

Peter Stone

Meanwhile, the effect on Peter of my leaving Gurney in 1964 was far more traumatic and was catastrophic upon his life. He had been a brilliant student up until that point. One of his biggest problems was that I never replied to any of his letters no matter how he appealed for me to do so. In fact I never got the letters and thought Peter was trying to forget me. As my parents had organised an ex-directory telephone number that method of contact was also denied him. This had a huge depressing influence upon him.

Despite an offer of an IBM sandwich course (three years at London University broken by two years with IBM) if he obtained just two grade Cs he failed hopelessly. He had taken Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics and ‘S’ Level Physics. He failed all of them.

In part this was owing to his longing for me and the fact that I wouldn't write to him, but it was also that he reacted to my leaving Gurney by throwing himself into the pursuit of sex with any skirt in town. He had a string of sexually exciting, but short and totally unfulfilling encounters with girls from both schools and the town in general. Owing to his behaviour, even his great platonic girlfriend he mentions in early stories, Jane, stopped any association with him which hurt him badly.

So, in 1967 he left school a year late with no ‘A’ levels, ten ‘O’ levels and no career in mind.

After a string of predictable arguments with his parents he left for London and went from job to job while staying with an aunt at first, later moving into a shared flat where many of the orgies occurred.

Eventually he pulled himself together and picked up an office job with a major manufacturer and discovered his mathematical skills and high IQ (158) could be applied to the growing use of computers in industry in the seventies.

To his great surprise and pleasure he was offered a role setting up a new computer department for the firm in Newcastle and moved north in 1973. He then married one of his colleagues and they lived comfortably in nearby North Shields. They had three children, two boys and a girl, and I am flattered that he insisted on the name Angela for the girl, without ever explaining why to his wife.

Tragically his wife died from a very aggressive form of breast cancer and Peter found himself in the late eighties with three teenage children and finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with changes in computer technologies. He chose to seek alternative employment and became a director of large retailing firm in Manchester. They so wanted his services that he was able to negotiate a part time arrangement which gave him more time to see his children through school.

All three went to university and the eldest boy, George, went on to become a lecturer in mathematics at Lancaster. Maths seemed to run in the family with second son, Robert, also becoming a mathematician.

By the noughties, Peter had suffered a heart attack and later a mini-stroke, but, financially, he no longer needed to work, sold the shares he had built up in the retail company and moved into semi-retirement, undertaking a few consultancy projects.

Despite his computer and mathematical background, Peter had not embraced social media and it was his daughter and my namesake, Angela, who convinced him to use Skype and facebook.

While idly searching for me one day, as he did occasionally, he found a reference for me in Bideford. He then searched on facebook and there I was. My privacy settings did not let him see much about me, but it was clearly me and he told me that his heart skipped a beat as he saw my face and my eyes with their oriental features looking at him from his computer screen.

He sent a message and a friend request and the rest is history and forms part of some of our loveliest later stories.

During his life, Peter has had over one hundred sexual partners although many were fleeting one night stands or even shorter during the orgies in Geoff's flat in London.

The Two Of Us

Both of us were devastated to discover that his letters had been intercepted in the sixties. When I took it up with my ageing mother we discovered that my father had destroyed them. Christine, my mother, felt dreadful about it, but couldn't stop him. He had been adamant I was far too young for a serious and sexual relationship and needed to concentrate on my studies and the letters eventually stopped coming, exactly as my father had predicted.

My father’s actions have ruined my memories of him and it took some time to forgive my mother. The deceit caused a rift which might well have been permanent if Peter hadn't coerced me into making up with her. I did, but my relationship with her remained strained until Christmas 2012 when I finally forgave.

After we met up again we instantly realised that we were both our only and true loves and quickly arranged the sale of our homes and moved back to the south coast town of Gurney. My parents’ actions in keeping me from Peter had lost us forty-five years of enduring love.

Initially we made a conscious decision not to marry, but put all of our legal affairs into order to protect each other. However, we then did eventually marry on a whim.

Despite Peter having a heart condition and having suffered a minor stroke, we continue to enjoy a full and active sex life, even if it is no longer many times each day and sometimes relies upon the effectiveness of small blue tablets. Since we started committing our sexual adventures to writing, our libidos have improved tenfold.

Now that we can spend all of our time together, we can describe ourselves as blissfully happy.

Peter has never created a facebook page under his alter ego, but I have and I'm always happy to accept friend offers from readers of our blog. By reading our stories you know more about me than you probably know about any of your other 'friends'. To 'friend' me just go to my facebook page and put in a friend request. It is another way of keeping up to date with our latest writing, too. Drop in and say hello.

So, that is the background. Now we hope you will enjoy reading the stories. Do try to follow them in time-line order. It might mean skipping some of my childhood stories, but even those might be of interest to male readers as it helps explain how girls attitudes to boys and sex develops. It will bring back memories for our female readers, too. I've asked Peter to write some stories about his childhood, too, but it will be a while before those are published.