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With the exception of the erotica accessed from the Fiction tab above, all of our erotic stories are true and taken from our own lives. They are mainly tales of romantic lovemaking and include graphic sexual descriptions. If you are an adult with a penchant for beautifully written true erotic stories of lust, love and sex - this is the site for you.

A Lifetime of Sex, Love, Romance and Relationships Presented in a Unique Collection of 215 Free True Stories Written By Angela Goodnight and Peter Stone

This website includes true stories of sex, love plus stories of female bisexual lovemaking. Within these pages you will find true descriptions of fellatio, cunnilingus and many different lovemaking positions. While most of the stories are of true love, there are also tales of orgies and group sex.

All of our stories are true and told by Angela Goodnight and Peter Stone. If you like reading erotica, but would prefer true erotic stories to invented stories of fantasy billionaire lifestyles then this is the website for you.

Our own ages are unimportant because each story is written about the time when it occurred whether it be teenage, twenties or later. Your age when you actually write a story is irrelevant because, as you will discover as you age yourself, you are only as old as you feel.

The website is taken from two lifetimes of real life and forms a wonderful collection. Use the index at top or bottom to start reading.

 Enjoy our true storytime.

HOW IT ALL STARTED: In 1964, teenage lovers, Angela Goodnight and Peter Stone, were torn apart by her parents' relocation and, subsequently her father destroyed his and her letters so that both thought the other had decided the relationship had no future. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

In 2010, nearly forty-six years later, Peter found Angela again through a facebook account set up for him by his daughter. They arranged to meet and discovered that all of the old love still existed. It was an idyllic reconciliation.

Two factors then combined. Angela read a book called Fifty Shades of Grey and asked Peter to read it, too. They both realised that sexually explicit literature was now far more acceptable than it had previously been and both thought that the true stories of their various affairs and their marriages during their long interregnum contained some wonderful opportunities to write true love and erotic stories.

Firstly they had to create these two pseudonyms as Angela's mother is still alive aged 90 and Peter has three children, five grandchildren and a great-grandchild. They both realised that while they personally were not embarrassed by their writing, it could be a problem to their families and in-laws etc. The only solution was to create pseudonyms to use for their stories.

So, Angela Goodnight and Peter Stone are not they're real names. Where they live today is also kept secret as are the names of all of their sexual partners over the years and one or two locations in the stories. Naturally, forgotten dialogue has been reconstructed along the lines they can remember. Some licence has been applied to make certain stories more readable, but the truth and integrity of the original events has always been maintained.

Angela has a facebook presence here for those who would like to friend her and emails are welcome to angela @ goodnightstone. (remove spaces).

The Back Story page will give you more information and a précis of their lives. They also intend to write some fiction and that will appear on the fiction page eventually.

Angela and Peter sincerely hope you will enjoy reading their stories. Writing them has improved their own libido no end and they still enjoy an active sex life into their sixties. Age is no barrier to true love.

Now these wrinkly lovers leave you to enjoy their stories from their very sexy and nubile teen years, through the sexual adventures of twenty and thirty-somethings, an abusive marriage for her and sad marriage for him, the attempted rape she suffered and her bisexual affair plus the numerous flower-power orgies experienced by Peter.

Select Angela or Peter's stories from the top or bottom index and enjoy.