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The Case of the Girl With the Turquoise Eyes by Peter Stone with help from Angela Goodnight

Currently available as both an eBook and  in paperback.

The Case of the Girl With the Turquoise Eyes by Peter Stone and Angela Goodnight full versionOutline of the story of this sexual thriller - it is the only one of their books which is a work of fiction

Mark Straker has an eye for the girls. On his daily trip from Perivale to Marble Arch he selects a beautiful young woman to look at and that makes his trip more enjoyable. Nothing sinister in it, he just likes girls.

The problem is that one day his choice, the girl with the turquoise eyes and auburn hair starts to become important to him. The other girls all fade into insignificance.

Eventually they get to know each other and we are treated to a wonderful developing romance with loving descriptions of five star meals, fashion events and luxurious weekends.

In the second phase of the book everything goes awry. Three girls are kidnapped and held in a cellar by a psychological sex maniac. One of them is our heroine Marcia Gray.

Peter Stone weaves a wonderful tale of love and romance, but it is Angela Goodnight who takes the story on into a cellar full of sexual depravity, sexual violence and systematic drugged rapes. Be warned that this is not a pleasant episode.

Enter our second hero, Sean Bold, a private detective whose skill quickly discovers clues as to the perpetrator and the possible location of the cellar prison. A series of unfortunate events thwart his attempts at a rescue and the story moves on fast, scary and with imminent death just over the hill.

To reveal more would give away the two twists in the tale which should keep you on the edge of your seat.