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Teenage Erotica From Petting to Sex, Lost Virginity to Multiple Orgasms by Angela Goodnight

Available as an eBook only.

Teenage Erotica From Petting to Sex, Lost Virginity to Multiple Orgasms by Angela GoodnightOutline of this true story of teenage love and sex

Author's note: This is a true story and names have been changed to prevent inappropriate contact and to protect others involved in the story. Also, in order to be published, the ages of the participants in the story had to clearly be over eighteen. In fact, as it is a true story, we need to tell you here that both of them were younger, Tommy being sixteen, two years older than Fiona. This should be kept in mind when reading the book as it might help in the  understanding of their innocence and naivety. For more information read their profiles on these links: Angela Goodnight, Peter Stone.

The story, set in the mid-sixties, begins in the British south coast town of Gurney. Fiona Carter is standing on a street corner in her school uniform, waiting for her new boyfriend, who is also new to the school and area, to meet her to walk to school together.

She is a slim, slightly oriental looking, virgin who is discovering the pleasure of kissing and hand holding with Tommy. When they meet they set off for school hand in hand until they reach the only place en route from where they can't be seen. Angela beautifully describes Fiona's feelings, which are, of course, her own feelings during the kiss which takes place.

We also learn some of Fiona's anxieties about the lack of knowledge about sex, particularly when she tries to ask her mother and finds that the information provided is not a great deal of help. In addition, of course, she muses over the scary stories of sex circulated by smut central.

The story progresses through a date in a local cinema which has double seats in the back rows of the balcony and the couple always try to take the late afternoon show as they have the place almost to themselves.

Fiona is both anxious and nervous when Tommy finally makes an effort to explore her blouse, but the feelings he generates within her by caressing and holding her breasts, are just lovely and she wants more. However, Tommy seems either reluctant or nervous himself and his initial attempts to touch her legs are somewhat ham-fisted and she eventually encourages him to explore above her stocking tops. He apologises that he had never done anything like this before and she tells him she has never let anyone, either.

Angela again writes in explicit detail about the feelings and emotions Fiona experiences as Tommy, who is wonderfully gentle, explores her vulva and finds her vagina.

After a while, his petting ends and she places her hand on his trousers over his fairly obvious erection and asks if it is OK to explore him, too.

This begins her gentle discovery of her first penis, uncircumcised and fully erect. Her play fascinates her, but the excitement is too much for Tommy and he has to stop her.

She tells him she loves him and they become determined to find somewhere where they can make love with each other.

On the next date Fiona's period prevents any heavy petting by him, but she takes Tommy to orgasm with the most gentle and tender fellatio to his incredible surprise and unbelievable delight.

Eventually the story progresses to the point where they lose their virginities together. It all begins delightfully, but ends in the most enormous row when Tommy ejaculates within five seconds of entering her vagina. The row was not about that, but because Fiona had insisted that he keep her aroused while he recovered from the unplanned orgasm. She then learns that he had only brought the one condom and is furious. This almost destroys their love affair.

Once back together their relationship, is difficult to move forward as the autumn weather had  turned into early winter and there was nowhere to go until Tommy's parents go to a wedding and leave for a long weekend. Fiona contrives, with the help of a friend, to pretend to her parents that she and her friend were going to stay with her friend's older sister for a weekend as she had once before. The couple are about to have a long weekend with each other in Tommy's house and they spend much of the time making love.

During the weekend, Angela gives us the most delightful and erotic prose of the experiences of Fiona as she reaches the first of many orgasms that weekend. If you have ever thought that prose about the sex act was clumsy, well you are in for a real thrill because Angela's descriptions of their various gentle, frantic and caring lovemaking experiences is absolutely wonderful. Always beautiful and never once using anything but the language of teenage love, desire and incredible excitement.