Facebook Police Have Banned Me ~ Angela Goodnight

Some nice person has reported my Angela Goodnight facebook account and I’ve been asked for a passport photograph. LOL.

My real account is fine, but Angela’s page has vanished.

I’m not going to bother setting up another one, but my Twitter and Tumblr accounts should be unaffected. Best to follow me if you wish to keep in touch.

Angela Goodnight, 20th January 2017

Elust 90

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Happy Endings

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Please You to Please Me

How to suck my cock – part 1 (attitude)

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Visions of Sugarplums

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Lovemaking Too Impossibly Brilliant To Put Into Words, But I’ll Try ~ Angela Goodnight

Angie's Lotus EuropaThursday was one of those extra special days. We took the Europa and drove down the coast to Padstow where we were booked into the Seafood Restaurant (you have to book months in advance sometimes). The way to get around that is to book a room and Peter got us one of the best, facing out over the harbour.

I do love my Lotus. Normally, during the winter we keep it shut up in the garage to prevent salt causing damage when it is thrown up off the road, but we’ve had so little frost and ice this winter that I took it out of mothballs.

Angie's Lotus EuropaThe biggest problem with the Europa is getting into it when you are our age. Peter has real trouble getting his head in under the arch. I’m not too bad, but get a twinge in my back if I don’t get in very gingerly indeed.

It is a lovely car to drive, with its tiny steering wheel and short stick shift, especially along the bending Cornish roads. It is so responsive, impossibly low to the ground and you feel it is glued to the road. Wonderful.

[Warning: Peter has found one or two animated gifs on the web to accompany this story. If you don’t like seeing the sex act you might want to not read the rest of this story.]

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Accidental Orgasm ~ Angela Goodnight

Infra-red Massager used to produce male and female orgasmsJust had to tell you this.

We were having fun in bed last Sunday and Peter had been using an infrared massager on me with the IR turned off. We’ve used it on me before and it guarantees an orgasm in between one minute and five minutes so he brought me off in a couple of minutes before making love.

However, I grabbed the massager from him, turned him over onto his back and applied the vibes to the underside of Zebedee, towards the top.

I swear he was squirming within thirty seconds, shouted for me to stop and I didn’t. I’d intended to take him right to the edge before stopping, but totally misjudged the effect it was having on him.

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