All The World’s Fears ~ Angela Goodnight

The ugly face of patriarchyThis is the image of patriarchy. 

You might wonder why someone who lives in the UK doesn’t mind her own business, but the order Trump and his SS were signing here is to affect the rights of women in disadvantaged countries. It will cause untold distress and will also cause lives to be lost.

This is a giant step backwards for third world women and makes it quite clear that Trump has decided to punish women for their attitude towards him during the campaign.

What a distinctly horrible man. I haven’t felt so much hate for an individual since my first husband raped me and put me into hospital.

So sad for America when he won and for the rest of the world as he spreads his wings.

Angela Goodnight, 25th January 2017

2 thoughts on “All The World’s Fears ~ Angela Goodnight

  1. techreader

    No one is going to be denied an abortion; they’re only going to be denied having the American taxpayers paying for them. The national debt of the United States has reached 19 TRILLION dollars; it’s literally double what it was 8 years ago. We’ve been spending a trillion dollars A YEAR beyond the taxes that are being collected. Uncle Sugar is tapped out.

  2. Angela Goodnight Post author

    I understand your concern. You are not quite right on the abortion matter. These are non-US i.e. International NGOs who have many sources of funds. They counsel women in third world countries on FGM, marriage, contraception and abortion. Trump’s bill means they are not even allowed to make any mention of abortion or they lose US funding. This means they will be letting down rape victims etc. by it becoming illegal to even mention it being an option even if it is a country which, like the US, allows abortion.

    As for the US debt causing you to worry about expenditure – well, as you drive your car and eat your food and drink your beer and school your children and carpet your house and live in luxury (compared with families in the third world) it is probably only natural that you want to cut back on help for others. It is called greed, selfishness and is an ‘I’m all right, Jack’ attitude.

    Come to think of it, America First, America First, America First just about sums it up.

    Fortunately the bulk of US citizens are really nice, thoughtful, kind, generous people. Seemingly, somehow, the minority has got into power.

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