Imagine? You Might Wish You Hadn’t! ~ Angela Goodnight

I know you probably come to my site for fun and sex, but I would like to ask you to read this story as it is very dear to my heart. Thank you.


Can you put yourself in the position of this girl for a few minutes?


Faith“My name is Faith. When I was just 14 years old, my parents took me to a doctor to be cut. I don’t remember much from that day.

“Another girl in my community, cut by the same doctor, died from the complications she suffered.

“I am extremely concerned for my younger sisters, who have yet to be cut. My sisters have the right to grow up healthy and happy, and to be in charge of their own future.”

Faith knows only too well about the devastating effects of FGM. Through projects funded by Girls Fund supporters, she is learning about the harmful consequences of FGM and child marriage, so that no girl has to face the same fate as her – especially her younger sisters. 

Faith is desperate to save her sisters from being cut. Empowered by your support, she is determined to convince her mother not to put her sisters through it. Can you help her in her quest?


You know me and many of you read my and Peter’s true erotica. Can I give you my take on Faith’s problem?

I own a vulva. I’ve been aware of it for about sixty years. When I became a teenager it was able to provide me with nice feelings when I touched myself and at fourteen my loving boyfriend began to explore it, giving me pleasures which I can still remember to this day. What a thrill it was to have those first discoveries of sexual sensation.

It wasn’t long before my virginity went in an unsatisfactory five second fuck, but a few weeks later we managed to steal a whole weekend in my boyfriend’s house while his parents were away. I soon learned the most amazing secrets about my vulva. How good it felt to be touched, stroked, licked, kissed and, of course, penetrated. I was introduced to the unbelievable delight of orgasms, multiple orgasms and learned about the pleasure my vulva could provide to Peter. That weekend will be in my mind until the day I die.

What was most remarkable was the delightful discovery that when everything was exactly right, my vulva and inner clitoris was able to perform the most sensational gymnastics, sending spasms of sheer joy through my entire body.

How lucky am I to have this extraordinary piece of genital equipment?

My vulva and clitoris have gone on, throughout my life, to give me the most incredible fun and sexual enjoyment. Today, despite old age and as part of my loving relationship with my husband, I know it will continue to thrill me as long as I can still become aroused, and I cannot foresee that ever failing to be the case.


But what of poor Faith above?

The cutter used a scalpel or razor blade. Sometimes it is just a shard of broken glass.

There is no anaesthetic. Faith was held down by her mother and other women while the cutter pinched the inner lips of her vulva and cut them off, also cutting away her clitoral hood and slicing off the exposed clitoris itself. Imagine. Just for one moment imagine that happening to you or the one you love.

Female Genital Mutilation Pictures - FGM picturesThe outer labia were then cut so that the skin could be gathered and joined with the other side. Next a needle and catgut or, in some cases, thorns, are used to sew the outer edges of the mutilated vulva together leaving only a small opening at the very bottom, under her vagina to allow urine and menstrual flow to be expelled. This image is a real example.

The pain of the cut is excruciating and Faith’s legs would have been strapped tightly together to stop the bleeding and to prevent movement. Hard scar tissue would soon form causing infection and preventing masturbation or any other sexual enjoyment. In some cases the inside of the vagina is also cut to form hard scar tissue.

Why is all this done?

It is nothing to do with religion, but some people have come to believe that it might be. It is not an Islamic requirement. It is a cultural practice performed by the ignorant.

It is believed that if a girl keeps her vulva in tact then, once she is married, she will become promiscuous while her husband is away and will be unfaithful to him. Girls are told that no man will want to marry them if they are not cut.

How does sex take place with a girl like Faith when she is married off to a man of her father’s choice?

The cut is usually performed at some time between the ages of eight and fourteen. The resultant vulva often becomes infected as there is a build up of urine and menstrual blood inside the cavity. The hole is only about the size of the girl’s thumb. Any attempt at penetration by her husband using a finger would be incredibly painful. Full intercourse is impossible.

To consummate the marriage, the husband will use his knife (a clean one if you are lucky) to slice open the sealed vulva. In agony, with blood flowing freely and providing the necessary lubrication, the husband fucks his wife. Can I ask you to imagine her pain and distress? Remember this takes place every time her husband wants sex. If it is regular sex then the wound will remain open. It can hardly be called lovemaking.

Further infections occur and, during childbirth there is a high chance the mother will die. At the very least she will have to be cut open and then resealed afterwards.


Faith says, “Using the knowledge I have gained from community sessions coordinated by Plan International, I’m trying to convince my mother to protect my younger sisters from FGM.”


The profit from our book sales, after the websites are financed, all goes to PLAN who are having great success at stopping this abominable cultural practice.

No, this is not an appeal for you to buy our books – far better if you make a small monthly payment to PLAN.

No girl deserves to have her sexual life destroyed by this pointless and violent abuse. Can you not spend a few pounds each month to support PLAN’s work wherever this practice is still conducted?

Please support PLAN. Visit their website on this link.

I cry when I imagine this happening to another young girl. I cry for her and for everything she is losing, including, perhaps, her life. Cry with me, but while you do why not send PLAN £5 or $5 per month. Even small amounts really help and when you get the annual updates it will give you the most wonderful feel-good sensation.

How important has your vulva been to you during your life? Can you imagine having such abuse as a child and how it would affect your love-life today?

Thank you.

Angela Goodnight, 21st January 2017

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This is one of the regular emails we get for supporting Plan. It is so good to hear how the girls themselves are fighting back:

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