Accidental Orgasm ~ Angela Goodnight

Infra-red Massager used to produce male and female orgasmsJust had to tell you this.

We were having fun in bed last Sunday and Peter had been using an infrared massager on me with the IR turned off. We’ve used it on me before and it guarantees an orgasm in between one minute and five minutes so he brought me off in a couple of minutes before making love.

However, I grabbed the massager from him, turned him over onto his back and applied the vibes to the underside of Zebedee, towards the top.

I swear he was squirming within thirty seconds, shouted for me to stop and I didn’t. I’d intended to take him right to the edge before stopping, but totally misjudged the effect it was having on him.

I wished I’d timed it because I’m sure it could only have been forty or fifty seconds from first application, before he totally exploded.

That was my lovemaking stuffed, of course, so I kept it pressed against him and his orgasm went on for at least ten or twelve good pulses and was twitching for another fifteen to twenty seconds until he pushed it away forcefully and rolled over, totally knackered.

I’m tempted to try it again sometime and put a stopwatch on it. I wonder what the record is for coming with a massager? I must admit that this one is pretty powerful.

Great fun, but had to wait until Monday to get properly fucked. Damn old age!

Angela Goodnight, 21st December 2016

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