Tongue In Cheek! How Women Use Their Sexuality As A Weapon ~ Peter Stone

Both Angie and I are feminists and keen on equality in both age, sex and race. Nevertheless, from time to time a news item or other event will make us both think about discrimination and, particularly, the way men behave in their dealings with women and the women’s apparent attempt to purloin their interest.

I wrote the following tongue in cheek and as devil’s advocate, but there are also serious issues which need to be considered by women. Is there a grain of truth in what I have written? We’d love to hear readers views.

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Men are forever being told that in dealings with women they must keep control of their sexual desires.

When you see a woman, see her as a person as you would a man.

Avoid looking at her body, address her face.

Avoid seeing the skin of her face – look behind it to the person within.

When she picks up a pen or tidies her hair, don’t notice the colour of her hair, the way its sheen catches the light from the side; don’t notice her fingers, how long and delicate they are and certainly don’t imagine them caressing your cheek.

When she speaks hear only the words, not the soft higher pitch which makes her voice more pleasant to listen to than that of a man and don’t watch her lips move. Try to focus a metre behind her head so that you cannot be distracted by her beauty.

When she walks look away. Don’t notice the way her behind moves within her skirt or trousers, especially on occasions when she has chosen her clothes to deliberately emphasise her body and its gait.

When she crosses her legs avoid seeing the action and concentrate on looking at her face, but not her hair, lips, eyes, neck or ears!

When you look at her face, and ignore her skin, now ensure you do not hold her gaze too long or appreciate the softness of her lips as she runs her tongue across them. Why do women do that?

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All men know the rules, but is it fair that women dress to appeal to the very interests the poor man is trying to control?

She wears her hair like a mane so that it moves fluidly around her neck and face, allowing occasional glimpses of baby-smooth cheeks, ears, adorned with jewellery or the slim neck and its gold chain.

She highlights her eyes with mascara and shadow to make them even more hypnotic than they already are.

She adds a touch of colour to her cheeks to make her look slightly flushed and post-orgasmic.

Her lips have been shaped and coloured to make them stand out against the natural colour of skin to one side, while enhancing the contrast with the whiteness of her teeth and the flesh colour of her tongue. Again I ask why it is that women are forever running their tongues along the underside of their top lips? Do they do it deliberately to appeal to us?

She has also perhaps used a touch of makeup to make her skin look completely perfect and blemish free.

Trying not to gaze into her eyes, your glance descends and you notice she’s dressed to reveal her neck. Her garment exposes tanned arms, bare from above her shoulder joints, exhibiting her bare flesh all of the way to those tantalising bejewelled hands and fingers which toy with and caress her stylus or mobile phone as if a phallic substitute.

The supraclavicular fossa depressions either side of the throat flaunt the kissable perfection of their symmetry and lead the eyes down to the mounds, large or small of breasts, often enhanced by a tight fitting top if large or, if small, secreted by loose fitting garments hinting at a freedom which promises so much.

Her legs are bare skin or simulated bare skin, often visible from her toes to mid thigh, shapely, smooth and positioned to appeal through years of practice.

Goddamnit, is it any wonder men look?

Men are expected to ignore the beautiful vista before them, yet it is the most natural thing in the world to see her as a possible mother to your children. Every movement of her body, flash of her thighs, lick of her lips, movement of her fingers against her cheek, chin or hair and direction of her gaze screams to the man her availability.

This article arose from us watching American footballers coming onto the hallowed Wembley turf. Lined up on either side of these latter-day gladiators was a line of the most perfect female cheerleaders in the shortest of tight shorts, knee-length high-heel boots, skimpy tops and flowing hair. All dancing and prancing around in mating dances designed to exhibit every sexual aspect to their appearance. For all the world they were offering the pleasures of their bodies to the players symbolically if not in reality. I could only think, “wow” and got elbowed in the ribs by my darling lover.

Sexy cheerleaders

In the wild, before we became “civilised”, the woman’s whole raison d’être was just such a courtship dance to attract the man until he couldn’t resist any longer and jumped her, copulating there and then satisfying her conditioned need and his overpowering drive to distribute his seed. Oh, and my God, it is a fabulous sensation seemingly designed to become a compulsion repeated over and over with as many women as the caveman can possibly encounter and his virility can service.

Such behaviour has continued throughout time until men denied their very nature and stopped having casual sex and accepted monogamy. That doesn’t mean casual sex has ceased. It has just been driven underground as something illicit and shameful.

The woman, however, is still plying her wares and making herself as desirable as possible. Why? Is it just to exhibit control? Is the modern woman with her immaculate makeup, her short skirt, skimpy top and high-heels saying this:

“Ha ha, I know you want to fuck me, but I’m not available and you know I’m not available, but I’m going to make you wish I was available and let you think there is a chance. I’m just going to torture you by walking back and forth in front of you whenever I can, knowing your eyes are undressing me and imagining a sexual liaison with me. If, however, you try to pursue me, or even if I catch you watching me, I’ll accuse you of thinking of me as a sex-object and will tell everyone you are a misogynist pig!”

Strangely I don’t think women even realise the dialogue their body language is displaying.

I come to the conclusion that women use their sexuality as a weapon. And if a man should step out of line he is smacked down by her demand that she not be abused even by his glance.

“Wouldn’t you love to fuck me, but don’t you dare look as if you are actually thinking it? Don’t objectify me!”

Cruel, cruel world.

Peter Stone, 3rd October 2016

3 thoughts on “Tongue In Cheek! How Women Use Their Sexuality As A Weapon ~ Peter Stone

    1. Angela Goodnight Post author

      Well, as Peter says, there are elements which we as women should explain but I know Peter. Why do cheerleaders perform the way they do? That is how it all started. Do you have an explanation?

    2. Peter Stone

      Sorry Diane, hope you weren’t offended. The idea was to be devil’s advocate so it had to be written in the way it was. I thought I included enough sarcasm to make it pretty obvious how it was intended. It was supposed to be thought provoking and vaguely amusing. Do I think women use their looks and sexuality as a weapon … of course not. As Angie asks – why do you think cheerleaders perform their erotic dances at male sporting events? I have no idea, but would be interested to listen to others.

      An interesting vaguely relevant link:

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