Resolution To Make Love Every Day Part Two ~ Angela Goodnight

On the first of June we made a silly resolution to make love every day for a month. The post on this link was the first episode.

4th June 2016

It is probably a bit worrying that we were sitting having coffee in the lounge about eleven in the morning when I said, “So, when today?”

He laughed, “You don’t need an appointment.”

He took my hand and we went upstairs.

I stripped the bedclothes off, while he stripped me off. In two minutes we were naked on the bed in a delightful cuddle.

Sometimes in these gentle sessions we don’t want too much exertion and today was one of those so he rolled me onto my back to his right, shifted up to me, lifted my left leg, slotted his warm, hairy left thigh through between mine until the important bits were face to face. A slow, gentle push and he was inside.

Frankly I couldn’t give a shit how we made love, having him inside me was enough, that six inches of him, moving back and forth while I do nothing but close my eyes, enjoy the friction and reach down to cup his balls, gently caressing and feeling the bottom of his erection as it moves back and forth.

Some days, in this scissors position, there can be urgency and the rhythm increases, but others, like this occasion he doesn’t change at all. Once every two seconds, one stroke moving in, the other sliding out, absolutely consistent. These are the best. I know I will orgasm and I know his will be one of his best. It is something to do with the slow, deep consistency.

The other lovely part of this position and rhythm is how his soft moans increase in intensity during the last minute or two. I ready myself, concentrating on the feelings in my clitoris and vagina, reaching down to grip the very base of his hardness so that I can participate in his ejaculation other than just as a receptacle for his semen.

His moans increased in pitch and he arrived exactly when I needed him. My own climax helped milk his penis as my fingers thrilled to the beauty of feeling those jets of liquid passing up his urethra. So special. Our orgasms might well be almost identical, but my contractions are dry, except when I squirt, while his produce this physical manifestation, what he describes as a hot ejection which is almost too thick to pass fluidly up his penis, but the passing of it is, for a few seconds, the ultimate feeling in the world for him. I love to share in it. When it coincides with the triggering of my own uncontrollable spasms I could not want for more.

5th June 2016

Late at night. He needed encouragement and one of his tablets. An enjoyable missionary fuck, my legs around his body as he lovingly came to orgasm. No climax for me, but a delightful glow which lasted long into the night.

6th – 10th June 2016

I was staying at my mum’s in Bristol for a few days. Three vibrator Os and one in the bathroom. At home we have no bath in our own en-suite, but there is one in the family bathroom, but I never use it. Mum’s bath has one of those interesting multi-action mixer taps.

On the morning of the 10th I had a rare bath. By sliding myself forwards and then sitting on the sticky bath mat you stand on for showering, I was able to lift my legs either side of the taps. It took a minute to get the temperature right and position myself then I just let the water hit my clit. The beauty of this type of wank is that you can, literally do nothing but lie still and let it happen. A spectacular orgasm, which set me up for the day. Wow! It’s the only time I regret not having a bath with a mixer tap. Even the hardest shower-jet at home is not quite as good as what I had just experienced. The heavy flow of the water from the tap is so lovely.

I asked Peter and he had just the one wank on the 7th. Said he was saving it for me, but his wank was long, slow and luxurious, he said. I got him to promise to write it up.

11th June 2016

When I’m staying with mum I have to hire a car, because she can’t get into my Lotus Europa, but I so love driving my car and was looking forward to the journey back to Gurney. I left about eleven and was home before three.

We had some tea together then I dragged him upstairs and jumped him, cowgirl style. Fucking him cowgirl fashionNice O for me, by grinding my clit against him then we rolled onto our sides and he fucked me to his own completion. I’d sleep well tonight. It is surprising how tiring motorway driving is as you get older.

12th June 2016

When we went to bed we undressed, he bent me over the bed and had me from the rear. Never so nice when you can’t see your man, but, my God, you can certainly feel him in this position. He struggled a bit, had to thrust frantically at the end, but eventually got there. I didn’t come, from that but he wanked me off afterwards.

13th June 2016

I don’t usually take him to orgasm orally because, although he loves it, he likes to save it for coming inside me. I suppose it is my fault really because I do love penis in vagina sex, but today he was giving me the most lovely cunnilingus. He has the most amazing tongue and can usually guarantee to make me come and this was no exception.

Can there be anything more lovely than a dripping wet tongue caressing your inner labia and ending by flicking your clit. Over and over and over. He is so wonderfully consistent and knows from what he calls my ‘girly talk’ how close I am to coming. I cannot help the noises I make when he is eating me out. As I get closer and closer the tongue strokes get shorter and he concentrates on the right side of my bare clit, the most sensitive bit for me. Another ten or twelve of those and I know I’m going to explode. This was no exception and I squirted him, too, which I haven’t done for quite a while. That extraordinary feeling of release when it accompanies an orgasm.

He continued to gently lick me until I was dry then I told him to come up the bed and began fellatio.

It is sad really as I am sure fellatio is his favourite way of coming, but he feels so guilty because he knows if he comes that way it will be over for the day. It is rare, even with viagra on the second fuck, that he can make love twice in a day.

I could hear he was getting close when he pulled my legs around and began cunnilingus on me again. A real, girl on top, sixty-nine session. Suddenly his tongue stilled, I felt him stiffen and he filled my mouth with his seed. Kissing after sexI held on tightly, extracting the last few drops then turned and gave it back to him as a snowball, which morphed into a lengthy spunk tasting French kiss.


14th June 2016

Lovemaking is never automatic and despite how well attuned Peter and I are, we do sometimes have problems.

Lilenue (Sex Life Of Angels) once said to me that I seem to come awfully easily, but, of course, no one blogs about the times when they’ve been trying and trying to come, when the heat is there, but you can’t quite get it to bubble over. Similarly we don’t blog about times when Peter loses an erection even with sildenafil.

Well today I will blog about it. Whether we were just tired or had drunk a little too much wine, I have no idea, but the 14th was a disaster.

Admittedly it was late. Peter took 25mg of sildenafil and we had a lovely cuddle and foreplay, then he mounted me missionary style and really struggled, in the end rolling off and lying on his back exhausted. I was so worried about how to make him and me come, that I was probably stopping my own responses. I immediately gave him fellatio and after a lot more time than oral has ever taken with him before, I managed to bring him back to a half-decent erection, jumped on him and tried to bring him off cowgirl.

It was no good. You know where your pubic bone slightly constricts your vagina, just inside, well it was okay at first, but I let him slip out too far and couldn’t get him back in. He gets so angry and frustrated over it.

I tried fellatio again it was still a struggle. He kept saying sorry, my poor Peter and it was pretty obvious I wasn’t going to get a good enough erection to finish with penetration so got up, got the back massager out of the drawer, plugged it in and began fellatio again.

Eventually I had got a partial erection, turned so that I was facing down his body and applied the massager to his mid to bottom erection while I just sucked and licked his glans. That did the trick and he came. I gave a grateful swallow, switched off the massager and dropped it on the floor.

I kept the fellatio going after his climax as he shrank. He was so grateful, running his fingers through my hair as I tenderly held him in my mouth until he was so small I could suck his entire length down to his balls. He kept saying he loved me.

Love is managing when things are not easy. Love is understanding that sex and love are not the same thing. Love is doing whatever is needed to make the other person feel good.

I finally released him and lay in his arms. His strength around my shoulders and his thigh between mine were all the love I needed. There is always tomorrow.

15th June 2016

I got soaked during my run this morning and I think he wanted to make up for last night so we showered together.

We have a lovely padded seat in the shower and also a padded bench which covers drainage pipes and things. He sat on the bench and I sat astride him. My God what an erection he had. I asked if he’d taken a tablet and he hadn’t. I just rose and fell on him while the warm water sprayed over us.

Wonderful. No O for me, but a massive climax for him, then he turned the shower onto my clit and brought me off separately.

Superb. Sex is so incredible. Felt good all day!

16th June 2016

He had trouble today. I think it is purely that his real refractory period is a natural three days so making love everyday is just a bit more than he can manage.

We lay together in the scissors position while I just held Zebedee and slowly squeezed and masturbated him until the erection suddenly returned. He was inside in a flash and fucked me really quickly in case it went off again. A big benefit of sildenafil is that, even if there has been a problem during intercourse, afterwards he stays pretty firm and we lay together, still joined for at least twenty minutes, while he tenderly massaged Williamina. All I had to do was lie still, enjoy having him inside me and let the heat in my clitoris build to the inevitable. 

I suddenly shouted, “God, I’m coming,” and had the most lovely O. Sadly my contractions evicted him and the sheets will need changing, but, oh boy, it was worth it.

17th June 2016

I got back from my run and he was still in bed. It was early, about seven. 

He jumped out of bed before I could disappear into the shower and I was well and truly fucked on the side of the bed. Hard, fast and memorable. No O for me, but he seemed to produce a torrent and without chemical assistance. 

I slumped to the floor and sat there, shorts around my ankles, enjoying the wind down, holding hands with my wonderful lover. We could see ourselves in the wardrobe mirror – both hot and red-faced. Must have sat like that for half an hour at least. Didn’t talk. Just silent loving of each other’s presence.

18th June 2016

I got treated to a long, slow cunnilingus sitting on the side of the bed this morning. I do wish I could give this wonderful form of oral sex the justice it deserves in writing, but it really needs about two or three pages of prose to describe the slow build up to orgasm and the joy of being pleasured in this way. Peter’s tongue is, frankly, incredible. He knows, instinctively, how fast, how slow, how soft, how hard, how long, how short, how to suck one labia then the other, how to try to pull upon my tiny clit and its inadequate hood. My climax shook me from head to toe and lasted forever – or that period around twenty to thirty seconds which seems like forever.

He then stood, became part of me and slowly made the most lovely love to me. I swear I must have had four or five mini-orgasms along the way plus a beauty when his ejaculation took over his entire being and filled me with his love. So amazing.

19th June 2016

Soaking wet runI got back from my run, soaked to the skin. Peter pulled off my running shorts and vest in the kitchen, I sat on one of our kitchen bar chairs, encircled him with my wet legs. He couldn’t quite reach to enter me – the chairs are a few inches too high – so he pulled me over to a wicker chair in the corner and had his way with me, holding my legs up by my trainers. He has a fetish for sex with me in running shoes. I didn’t manage to come, but his was good.

I also ended up with wicker-chair marks all over my bum! Peter said they looked very stylish. He did take my trainers off eventually and sucked each of my toes. So nice.

End of Episode Two

I think we’re getting quite good at doing it every day. Yes we had a few problems, but being in love is all about helping to solve those problems. I’m 66 in August and he is already 68. What are the limitations of old age sex. If you put your mind to it, most can be overcome and, when you think about what we’ve been doing this month in the grand scheme of things, it is very important.

You are a long time dead. So far this month we’ve made love fourteen times in fourteen days, ignoring the five days I was with my mum in Bristol. We normally make love about once every three days so that means we have had sex eight times more this month than we would have done normally. That is eight times more fun, more sexual experiences, more joining of our bodies. That was worth doing, wasn’t it?

Anyway. I’ll write about the rest of our month in more posts, but this has been sitting part written for more than a week so decided to publish it now.

I will remind Peter to write about his long, luxurious wank while I was away. LOL.

Angela Goodnight, 29th June 2016


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