I Have Large Labia And Small Clitoris. Should I Have The Labia Cut Off By Labioplasty? – CA of Orlando

Warning: This post contains explicit images of human labia and clitorises. 18+ only.

We received this email a few days ago:
Email about cutting off large labia minora

We have transposed the email below in case the image doesn’t open on your browser.

Hi Angela & Peter,

I have very large labia. They are at least two inches their entire length and the flap thingies are another inch byond that. However I have an absolutely tiny clit. I measured it and it is only about 3/16 of an inch across and the round bit hardy sticks out at all. When I rub it it still only gets about ¼ of an inche.

I read Peter’s post about the girl with the large labia. Were they as long as mine and is that unusul. Ive been told I can have the labia sliced off and made neater for $4,200 dollars. Is it worth doing. When I’m with a new man I get fed up being told they are too big and what about my clit. Is that normal.

CA Orlando

Hi CA,

Thanks for the email.

Angie hasn’t had a lot of experience with large labia for obvious reasons, the only girl she has ever been sexually involved with was similar to her. Angie’s labia are actually about average. They protrude slightly when not aroused and about ¾ inch when aroused. One is slightly bigger than the other.

Your labia sound larger than Emily’s (the girl in the large labia post) if you are talking about unaroused. If your sizes are aroused then yours are definitely smaller than hers. As regards your clitoris, it sounds about normal. Emily’s was tiny, only about 1/8th of an inch across when aroused, but it still had all the sensitivity you would ever need. You have to remember that the clitoris has x thousand nerve endings and that doesn’t change, no matter how small or large it is. So a small clitoris is going to be even more sensitive.

Large labia being considered for labioplasty operation or partial female circumcision.The image on the right shows some very large labia with large wings. Emily’s were actually bigger than this. As far as we are concerned these are lovely and it would be very sad to cut them. Of course some men will find them gross, but then some find even the porn-pretty labia gross. Many women find the penis gross. There is no accounting for people’s oddities of viewpoint, but that does not mean that you have to have an operation to appease them. They don’t deserve it.

Typical pretty porn site labia.The image on the left shows what some people call ‘pretty labia’ and are typical of porn sites. Expecting to have labia like this is a bit like expecting to have a figure like Kate Moss. It is unrealistic.

I measured Angie’s aroused clitoris once and it was still only about 5/16th of an inch across and similar in length so about twice the size of yours. The largest one I have personally encountered was about an inch long and just under half an inch across and that was hugely larger than any others I had come across in some hundred or so girls.

So as regards the clitoris size, they are rarely very large, but if they are they offer amazing potential to be stimulated. Below you can see two. The one on the left would be considered large, the one on the right just smaller than average, but only just.

Large clitoris on the left, small on the right.Angie and I talked about your question about spending several thousand dollars on labioplasty to shorten your labia. We both agree that this is not a good idea.

Firstly there is always risk in operations, especially with the superbugs which can now defeat antibiotics. It cannot be worth risking your entire vulva or even your life to have this done.

Secondly any operation of this type is likely to reduce sensitivity. Do you really want to restrict your ability to enjoy the thrill of sex, just to look ‘neater’?

It is, of course, impossible to increase the size of your clitoris using any current medical practices.

Speaking as a man who thoroughly enjoys cunnilingus and married to a girl who loves receiving cunnilingus I can tell you right now that I would prefer you to stay as you are if I were your partner. I’ve had girls with tiny labia, too. By tiny I mean far smaller than the ‘neat’ pink ones above which appear to be the ideal for men to masturbate to while viewing. Making love to them might not be so exciting. One girl I remember had inner labia which were literally 1/8th of an inch long for the length of her vulva and what you call the flaps were no more than quarter of an inch.

However, giving her cunnilingus was still enjoyable because it was easy to run my tongue up and down her vestibule and into her vagina. Her clit was average size, maybe a fraction larger than Angie’s and very responsive, perhaps because she didn’t have the labia to be stimulated. I still got her to orgasm with no problem at all.

With Emily, of course, with her large labia, and if I had the pleasure to work with yours (don’t let Angie know), I would spend much more time sucking on them, taking them between my lips and masticating them. This should cause considerable delight. Get your next man to try it. Tell him no fellatio unless he gets you to orgasm through cunnilingus! Seriously, I am strictly monogamous now, but if I weren’t I would love to experience cunnilingus with you.

As regards the small clitoris, it makes no difference and, although it might be a little more difficult to access, once I found it there would be no problem at all bringing you to climax. Believe me. If you have an inexperienced man do help him. Open your legs as far as you can and pull them back towards you so that he has full access to your vulva. Let him, or tell him to use, his fingers to open you, to have a really good look. Tell him what to look for – he might not know what a clitoris looks like. Help him. Once he finds it your reactions will spur him on, but men are not born with a map of the vulva. They have to learn just like you, only you’ve had years to look and experiment.

Angie feels that you will be wasting your money on the labioplasty and could well regret it for the rest of your life. In some parts of the world young girls are taken for female circumcision, which is actually female genital mutilation. This can include slicing off the whole of the inner labia without anaesthetic! Their mutilation is barbaric and you are considering doing a partial mutilation for cosmetic reasons and voluntarily!

Please, please rethink this. You will find a man who will love your labia and small clit and if he doesn’t like it you should dump him and find someone who does. Love requires mutual respect. Would you reject a man because his penis was only five inches erect? It is a similar situation. Love means that you love everything about the person you are with, whether that be a small circumcised penis or a large set of labia and huge clitoris even bigger than Emily’s. By the way, owing to these porn pictures, you might need to give your man a little bit of time to get over the shock that you don’t look like an unrealistic porn star. Give him time before you give up on him. Talk about it. Print off this article and make him read it.

One thing is certain. Somewhere in the world, and probably somewhere in Orlando, there will be girls with labia twice the size of yours.

I do hope this has been of some help. Angie concurs with all I say above – in fact I did change one or two things after discussion.

We’d be delighted if you wanted to talk further about this subject. Just send an email to the same address (on the contact page). Anyone else wanting to add their advice, please just do so using the comment system.

Good luck CA. Don’t let anyone pressure you into labioplasty. It is certainly not necessary from your description of yourself and we’d give the same advice if Emily ever asked the same question.

You’re not Emily, are you? LOL

Peter Stone and Angela Goodnight, 3rd March 2014