How Can a Simple Shower Give You an Orgasm? ~ Angela Goodnight

Powerful shower jetWhile writing my post on comfort masturbation the other day I was thinking about a regular masturbation I conduct in our shower. Not every day, but often more than twice a week.

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Now, back to getting an orgasm in the shower:

It is not unusual for Peter to join me in the shower in the summer and we end up making love afterwards, having washed each other thoroughly in the most exciting and enjoyable way. There is nothing nicer than (that perennial phrase) holding a clean penis, except an erect clean penis gripped within you.

Mostly, however, I shower alone and we have a big walk-in shower with a movable padded bench on one side and a quite comfortable chair on the other. Frankly these are only normally used for putting a foot on while you wash the lower half of your legs and feet, but I have another use for them if there is no hurry in getting ready for the day.

I pull the chair over to a position slightly left of the main shower jet. I found the position by trial and error on previous occasions. I direct the shower jet so it is falling centrally an inch or two in front of the chair so the water is coming out at an angle towards the chair. A nice warm, but not too hot, jet is perfect. Our shower is powered by a pump which creates quite a powerful shower stream, but for best effect I still position the shower nozzle as high as I can on its runner so the jet is falling almost five feet to the chair to make the pressure as high as possible.

I position myself so my feet are on the bench, my knees raised and my thighs apart so the stream hits my clitoris and, as it is quite a spread jet, the rest of my vulva, too.

I don’t masturbate every time I shower, but I must admit I sometimes masturbate in the shower even if I’ve had sex and one or more orgasms with Peter before getting up, so it is nothing to do with any lack of orgasms causing me frustrations. I do it because I like it and for no other reason. Because you’ve had a wonderful Danish pastry, does not mean you won’t enjoy a little cupcake ten minutes later, if I may use a half-baked analogy.

Anyway, try to picture the scene, legs akimbo, vulva being sprayed, my hands on the sides of the seat ready to hang on when needed, my head back and eyes closed. The warmth and the natural rhythm of the falling jet feels absolutely wonderful and I sit there and relax, letting the jet gradually arouse me.

Occasionally I can’t get to orgasm and have to remove the shower-head from the bar and wave it back and forth over my clitoris from close up, but most times the jet alone, stationary, with me totally relaxed, will be enough.

It is a different sort of build up from normal masturbation or Peter arousing me as the jet is hitting my hood (prepuce) and inner labia, but not penetrating my vestibule or the mouth of my vagina. Mind you, there is a lovely stream running over my anus which feels good, too.

The warmth in my labia is purely ‘nice’ or ‘comforting’ and my clitoris starts to react to the jet and I can feel it becoming more intense, but I know it has to build to a different level to come and I am waiting for the tingly ache to start deep inside my vulva.

If I can’t get the ache to develop I know it is not going to happen today and I grab the shower head and bring myself off, but if I do feel the ache building I know I will be on the way shortly.

I never cease to be amazed by what happens to my body in the next phase. My breasts feel warm, my nipples tighten, my prepuce eases off my clitoris, baring the erect glans to the point where the jet is almost, but not quite, painful. The ache and warmth in my vulva grows and fills my genitals, spreads into the tops of my thighs and abdomen almost as if I am a collapsed balloon which is gradually being filled by warm water. Soon it reaches the point where it makes a transition from being no more than a nice full warm balloon to wanting to burst. My hands hold on tight each side of the chair. It isn’t pain, but neither is it only pleasure. It is so difficult to describe sensations, isn’t it? To further use the balloon analogy, as it starts to fill it is fairly slow and steady, but as it approaches fullness it is filling, not in a stream, but in waves. Wave of warm filling, pause, another wave, pause, wave, pause, wave. The waves become hotter and the pauses shorter until it is wave after wave. In a delightful combination of pleasure, pain and anguish, the last of the space in the balloon fills, then it overfills, penultimately it stretches to bursting point and finally it explodes.

Suddenly I’m hit with the full gamete of contractions and those in my vagina are particularly different from a normal orgasm as it has not been invaded or stimulated in any way, in fact it often feels disappointingly empty and makes me desire Peter in there. Regularly my legs want to jerk and sometimes there is a noticeable kick, particularly in my right leg for some reason. Once I even fell off the chair, hurt my back and ricked my neck. LOL. So letting a shower masturbate you should carry a health warning. No, better not otherwise Health and Safety Mad Britain will ban me from masturbating in it!

Girl masturbating her clitoris in the showerWe did buy a pulsating shower head which you can attach quite easily, but for my sitting down orgasm I find the ordinary one best. The massaging jet is good though for hand held masturbating and Peter told me he could masturbate with the pulsing head without doing anything else and I, this very minute, told him what I was about to post and asked him to post on it, too, at some point from the wanker’s perspective. Haha.

After shower orgasms I need about five minutes to recover and usually switch to the drench shower head and stand and let the water flood over me. Lovely and my vulva continues to feel warm and plumped for some time to come. Such a wonderful feeling of sensuous relief and relaxation.

I was reading about how some Christian sects treat masturbation as being the work of the devil, our reproductive organs are there solely for reproduction and nothing else. The all powerful omnipotent being dictated to his misogynistic secretaries the rules that masturbation and homosexual or lesbian sex acts are evil and, therefore, likely to see you entering the fiery gates of hell rather than the pearly gates of heaven.

This attitude really is quite dreadful, teaching children not to touch themselves because it is dirty or against God’s will is despicable. It is this Victorian practice which has eked itself right through the twentieth century, creating millions of inhibited women (and men probably) and, although less mainstream today, is still polluting the minds of some twenty-first century children even now. Parents, you should feel ashamed, feel very ashamed for believing and promoting such ridiculous notions!

I am an atheist. I am convinced any belief in a deity which created the entire universe, but watches over each of us individually to see if we are masturbating, is so patently stupid I worry at the intelligence of anyone who believes in it or the mythical Him. However, if you wish to accept such nonsense it is your right, but you should not use such a belief to potentially destroy the confidence and happiness of children who are doing nothing but exploring and trying to understand their bodies.

If you believe in God you have to ask why the clitoris was even given to us and what its purpose is. Most woman never have an orgasm during sex because it is in the wrong position – great design, God!

Message for God for his next universe!Why didn’t He put it between the urethra and vagina so it overhangs the entrance to the vagina instead of the gateway to the vulva. It also appears the clitoris is the only organ in either human sex designed for no other reason than to give pleasure. Thanks God, but why create such a wonderful organ then instruct your wise men to ban us from touching it when they wrote the ancient equivalent of a science-fiction novel – the bible?

Click here to buy Peter Stone's BooksThe answer, quite logically, is because the misogynistic ancient priest class who invented “eyeballs in the sky” and wrote the bible thousands of years ago found no use for the clit, could not enjoy its function themselves and therefore legislated against its enjoyment by women, who, of course, were only put on earth for man’s pleasure – and don’t many of them still believe it?

Now, of course, bible-bashing morons will say it was put there to test our faith and test our ability to follow God’s word. What a load of crap! The clitoris’s glans is there because it is a vestige of our DNA’s decision to be female rather than male. It is erectile tissue similar to the penis and is an accident of nature.

I don’t want to worry people unduly as it is probably tens of thousands of years ahead, but we don’t want the clitoris to be selected against by evolution. Mind you, I cannot think of a better excuse to make use of it as often as possible right now.

So, girls, use your clitoris or future generations might lose it. Hopefully evolution will select more for orgasmic women than non-orgasmic women? Will those who enjoy sex the most produce more children than those who don’t. For orgasm’s sake, will the women who have clitoris orgasms, please outbreed the women who don’t for the future enjoyment of girl-kind.

Anyway, I didn’t mean my showerhead masturbation post to be taken over by a religious rant. Sorry everyone, but with me you get what I feel and you got that today!

Comments on any aspect of this post welcome.

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Angela Goodnight, 24th January 2014

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