Difficulties Of Mutual Masturbation. Impossible To Concentrate On Him When You’re Approaching Orgasm Yourself ~ Angela Goodnight

I usually wake first in the morning and turn towards Peter and gently cuddle in to him. His body is always warmer than mine and I love the heat which soon transfers to me and makes me feel warm and comfortable.

It is lovely to look at him lying there and wonder at the incredible accident of fate which allowed us to find each other after such a long separation.

Angela Goodnight waking up beside Peter StoneSometimes all I can see is the top of his back, the back of his head and maybe an ear and cheek. He is actually quite well endowed with body hair, but the top of his back is fairly sparsely populated so I sometimes press my palm against his skin and absorb his warmth that way. I’ve found touching his ear or cheek usually wakes him so I don’t do it when simply cuddled to him. In this position I tend to shuffle close to him, his buttocks fit into my lower tummy area and I press my thighs to the back of his. So sexy. Often he has one leg stretched downwards and the other bent. This allows me to press my lower leg against the back of the straight one and I lift my other leg up against the bent one so I’m not only experiencing the back of his thigh against the front of mine, but also my inner thigh is resting delightfully on the inner thigh of his straight leg. This makes me feel incredibly horny.

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What Does An Orgasm Feel Like? Like Heaven On Earth! Phenomenal Lovemaking! ~ Angela Goodnight

On facebook and twitter I was recently recounting our trip northwards to visit my ninety year old mother in Bristol; Peter’s daughter, also Angela and husband Mark in Cheadle; next his eldest son George and Melanie in Lancaster which would also give us a chance to get together with his second son, Robert and Carol who also lived close to Lancaster. Both of the boys are professors at Lancaster University. Angela has two teenage girls aged fourteen and thirteen; George has a nineteen year old married son and wife who is shortly to make Peter a great grandfather; and Robert has only the single son aged sixteen. They’re my step-children and step-grandchildren, of course.

[If you don’t know our back story you should go to this About Page. Maybe I ought to mention here our stories are always true. We occasionally use authors’ licence to make them more readable and, for older stories, we have to guess at remembering the conversations, but the stories are true. Again the About Page is important because it explains about our pen names. We could hardly talk about Peter’s family, my mother and our past lovers if we were not protected by a certain anonymity. However, we have developed these alter egos comprehensively and interact with many cyber friends through them on twitter and facebook etc. Only one location is invented in our stories. The name of the place where we live would give too many clues to our identity so we have renamed it Gurney in our books and stories.]

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The Fifty Most Viewed Stories & Posts During August 2014

Naked typistOur fifty most viewed posts during August 2014 are listed below. Many of these stories were published in earlier months but have remained popular enough to stay in the chart.

We have provided a short description of each story beside each link to help you decide whether or not you have already read them. Some merit re-reading more than once, we’re told. 5,305 of our stories were read in August so an average of 171 per day.

It is amazing how some stories which we think are really worth reading don’t appear in the chart at all. So please don’t use this chart as your only source. Check out this page as well which gives all of the posts in lifetime order.

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Are You A Virgin? Can You Plan To Lose Your Virginity? One Young Teenage Experience. True Account Of Losing Virginity ~ Angela Goodnight

I have always been reluctant to take stories from our books and put them on here as posts, but Peter, who is far more competent than me in marketing, says if people enjoy the stories they will buy the books and, over the last few months that does seem to be the case with Autumn of Love, True Seaside Love Story and the Second Volume of Angela’s Sexual Adventures all selling well. Volume One of Angela’s Sexual Adventures, surprisingly, is not selling as well even though it contains more stories.

However, we are so encouraged at the steady sales we are going to do the two sexual adventures volumes as paperbacks soon to join the others which are already available all over the world as paperbacks. A third book of sexual adventures is in the preparation stage. Our only real disappointment is how few people review our books and, on this site, how few people hit the ‘like’ button, yet we know people return to the site over and over again. Please click ‘like’ at the bottom of the stories if you enjoy them. You are getting them free and it is a way of saying that you appreciate that.

The cover of Angela Goodnight's Autumn of LoveAnyway, Peter has convinced me to post the story of the loss of my virginity. It is, of course, absolutely true and I can remember every detail of that day so the dialogue, when I wrote this for Autumn of Love, is pretty accurate.

Many girls don’t think loss of virginity is any big deal, just a gain of experience rather than a loss of anything, but for me it was a huge deal. I was only fourteen years old and up until the day it happened my only sexual experience had been heavy petting a couple of times and fellatio once.

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Sex In The Family Home And How To Have Mutual Orgasms In The Shower. Supermarket Girl 3 ~ Peter Stone

My affair with Linda Kray was very therapeutic as it helped me get over the grief from the loss of my wife and she was also keen to get to know my children. The age difference, me 39 and her only 25 also revitalised me and changed my whole demeanour. Even the kids told me I was much more fun.

The two previous stories about Linda are on these links: Supermarket Girl 1 and Supermarket Girl 2 (they’re nothing to do with supermarkets by the way).

As our stories are all true it is worth starting from the beginning to understand the nuances within the storyline. So I suggest reading the two stories above before this one if you haven’t already read them.

While mentioning that the stories are true, I should add that all names have been changed (this page gives more information about that) and any images used have been taken from the web so do not show Linda or me. Dialogue in these stories of years ago has to be reconstructed so we use some author’s licence.

- o O o -

After our rather special lovemaking I had promised to talk to the children so that I wouldn’t have to keep leaving her flat to go home after we made love.

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Is Age A Barrier To Multiple Orgasms? Not On Your Life. I Was Well And Truly Birthday Fucked With Shower Sex, Too! ~ Angela Goodnight

[If you have not read our stories before you need to be aware that they are true. Sometimes we have to use writers' licence to make them more readable and older stories need us to approximate the conversations, but the basic stories are true. See About for details. Images are taken off the web and are not us.]

The Birthday Present

16th August (2014) was my 64th birthday and we decided to have a BBQ with a childhood school friend, Pat Ormand (was Gorman) and her husband Jack plus Peter’s son, George and his wife Melanie who were coming to stay in the granny flat. Peter’s other children, Robert and wife Carol and Angela and husband Mark couldn’t make it, but we we’re heading up to Lancashire the week after next and will see Angela and Mark on the way up and Robert, Carol, George and Melanie again when we get to Lancaster. Peter says it makes him feel really old when he realises George will be forty next year.

We’d been watching the weather forecast for Saturday getting worse and worse as the week progressed and we awoke with the rain rattling down and gusting onto the bedroom windows.

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Wine Her, Dine Her, Then Take Her Home And Make The Most Beautiful Love To Her. Sex To Die For! Supermarket Girl (Part 2) ~ Peter Stone

A couple of weeks ago someone told me in an email (Peter @ GoodnightStone .co.uk) that we were very brave opening our hearts out to the world in the way we do in this blog. Giving intimate details of sensations we are experiencing and techniques we have used on our various partners from the past. This led me to thinking that, of course, many readers only ever read two or three of our stories (the average is currently 2.65 stories per visitor) so they can’t possibly know our ethos on baring our souls in this way.

I thought it would be useful to spend a paragraph or two explaining.
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