First Period, First Date, First Kiss, First Proposition & First Time A Bridesmaid ~ Angela Goodnight

[Hate to disappoint the readers who are only interested in my sexually explicit writing, but this is another story which will be likely to fail to arouse your libido. However, it will help males of all ages to understand how a teenage girl’s mind works, what is important, how she learns about boys and how her physiology affects her behaviour and attitude towards the opposite sex. Hope you enjoy the story for what it is, part of my life and the adventure of learning about my body and sexuality. There is romance within it if not explicit sex, by the way.]

Period pantiesOne of the last important events in my sexual development occurred just before I became a teenager.

I was just over twelve and a half. Isn’t it amusing how important quarter and half years were when you were progressing towards that magic thirteen?

It was a Friday night, or, more accurately, the early hours of a Saturday morning. I awoke suddenly, shocked, because I thought I might have wee’d in the bed. The top of my thigh was definitely wet. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, sat on the loo and wee’d, but very little came. When I wiped myself there was blood on the toilet paper. I was bleeding.

My heart rate must have gone through the roof. What on earth had I done to myself and how had I done it? I stood up, flushed, put the seat cover down and raised one leg. Using my father’s shaving mirror I looked between my legs. I parted my inner lips but couldn’t really see anything, certainly not any cuts or blood, but when I wiped myself again there was definitely blood on the tissue. Suddenly I realised. I was having my first period. My mother had warned me that I would bleed one day and should tell her when it happened. I also knew most of my friends had already started.

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Wattpad. A strange policy on love and sex ~ Angela Goodnight

I have just given up on trying to put my work on Wattpad. Because I use anatomical words as part of my writing my stories are banned. They will not allow words like penis, erection, vulva, vagina, breasts, testes even when used in the romantic manner I use them in in my writing of my true stories.

However, I found stories up there where underage girls using very poor English are talking about sex in language which doesn’t get banned.

One story is all about an underage girl having sex with her teacher. Admittedly there was no use of the correct terms for vagina and penis, but we all know what she meant when she said that she removed her briefs and loved the way his manhood took her virginity. Why do Wattpad prefer underage concealed illegal material, but reject descriptive adult writing about the beauty of the act of true love? It is perverse.

The story above had had 6,000,000 reads so what does that say for Wattpad’s policy against erotica?

Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the biggest selling books in the world yet none of it would be allowed on Wattpad which seems to comprise the most awful writing often employing deceitful cleverness to outwit the Wattpad pornography police.

I see no reason why they cannot have an 18+ category for erotic authors to write for the adult market.

Rant over!

Angela Goodnight, 22nd November 2014

The Magic Kingdom. Charmed Lovemaking, Sorcerer’s Cunnilingus, Supernatural Fellatio And Danny’s Sexual Black Magic ~ Angela Goodnight

Nothing nicer than Danny Head's arms around your body.My love affair with Danny Head who worked for Midas Plastics continued unabated. Sometimes we stayed weekends in my flat, other times in his. Both had good kitchen facilities and we both loved cooking. He tended to enjoy preparing spicy dishes like Mexican or Indian and my favourites to cook were, of course, Chinese, but also traditionally English. We tried really hard to make our meals not only interesting, but surprising, too.

As we only lived together weekends, we both knew the cooking was no more than a preamble to making love and we enjoyed an amazing variety from almost violent and frenetic pounding to the most gentle and sensitive ministrations to each other. We made love on dining tables, the floor, in the bath, in the shower, on the couch, in easy chairs and, I’m sure, if there had been a chandelier we’d have made love swinging from it.

Every encounter was wonderful and he was such a caring lover if I didn’t manage to orgasm during the lovemaking itself he would take whatever measures were necessary to bring me off afterwards with his strong and beautiful hands or the incredible tongue of his.

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Denied Membership Of The Prehistoric Club! Our Pagan Sexual Ritual In The Scottish Highlands Conjures Up Thirty-Five Italian Spirits ~ Peter Stone

Anne's lovely legsI’ve already written about the lovely Anne. She’s the lady who tortured me with male erotic orgasm denial during a hotel break in Manchester and with whom I made love in the heather during a walk on the Yorkshire moors. We had more ordinary sex as well, of course, but the moment we went away or were in an unusual location our adventurous streaks, which we both seemed to have, came to the fore.

It is June 1973. I’m a recently promoted senior manager at the Newcastle upon Tyne computer section of a large London company. I’m twenty-five and, in my private life, have just come out of the long, dark tunnel of sexual depravity which I call my sex monster years. I’m not saying for a single moment that it was not an enjoyable period of my life, but having sex with around eighty girls in a period of fewer than eight years doesn’t really make for lasting partnerships. There were steady relationships within that time, but most of the girls were conquered, or more often volunteered, at orgies which took place over the four years from 1969 to 1973 in Geoff’s flat in London. During those years it was normal to have vaginal and/or oral sex with two or three girls in an evening and not unusual for it to be five or six (see this story for one of my six girl experiences). These brief encounters were extremely memorable, no doubt about that, and I’ve enjoyed writing about them, but they were not very fulfilling or rewarding emotionally. They were full of sexual thrills, but little more.

When I was promoted to the management role setting up a new computer centre in Newcastle I was determined to be more selective over girlfriends and I actually had tests for all of the usual sexually transmitted diseases so that I could turn over a new leaf. Considering my activity in London it is a miracle I hadn’t caught anything, but I was completely clear. I suppose that because all of the orgy girls were in their late teens or early twenties they were less likely to be infected. In those days, VD (venereal disease) as it was called then was more the domain of older men and prostitutes, not the young nubile ‘summer of love’ students and ‘flower-power’ girls.

I had some brief Geordie flings in Newcastle (so far not recounted among our stories) before I met Anne. She was one of the firm’s employees and I was very careful to ensure she understood that her dating me would have no effect on her prospects, even if our relationship eventually soured.

She moved in with me early in May and our lovemaking was extremely pleasurable. I have many wonderful memories, but it was when we were out of our normal environment that things became utterly brilliant. The Manchester orgasm denial and the al fresco sex on the moors are great examples of special occasions with Anne. Our trip to Scotland was another.

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Childhood Memories. A True Adventure I Had Aged Eight And Three Quarters ~ Angela Goodnight

[This is not one of our sex stories, but those of you following  our back story will enjoy it.]

I can clearly remember the day in 1958 when my sexuality became a problem for me as an eight and three-quarter year old girl who looked like a stick insect.

“But why do I have to wear a skirt?” I asked in my most moaning voice.

“Because you’re a girl, Angie,” my mother told me, crouching down and holding my hands, which I tried to pull away.

“It’s not fair,” I protested.

“Boys wear shorts and girls wear dresses and skirts. You have all sorts of lovely colours. They have to wear boring dark colours.”

“But they laugh at me when I climb trees. They laugh because they can see my knickers,” and I shed some tears.

“Why are you climbing trees, darling. You’ve got a lovely bicycle and your doll and pushchair. You hardly ever play with your doll now.”

“Don’t like dolls,” I sobbed.

“Well I’m sure Teddy, would like to be taken out in the pushchair, Angela. Why not take her round to Joan’s house? You haven’t been round to Joan’s for ages. Why not invite her back and we’ll make cakes together.”

Joan was one of my school friends who lived around the corner from us. Teddy used to have a skirt and top, but I stripped it off him. He was much better as a boy bear.

“Teddy’s not a girl anymore. Teddy’s a boy and doesn’t like the pushchair and doesn’t want to visit Joan, and I don’t want to make cakes!” I yelled and turned and walked out of the kitchen into the garden. I’ve always had a bit of a temper.

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The Top Sixty Most Viewed Stories During October 2014 ~ Peter Stone

Angela Goodnight writing the blogAmazing how many people told us they liked the picture of the Angela Goodnight lookalike on last month’s top sixty. I’ve now added it to the Lifetime page.

This month you can probably understand why I can’t concentrate in the office with such beauty within eyeshot. Okay, I admit we’re cheating, she’s no longer quite that young, but still as appealing to this decrepit grandfather!

So, here’s the top sixty stories read during October 2014, but remember that there are lots of good stories which don’t make it into the top sixty which we consider far superior to some of those which do. To see all of the stories you are best to go to the life time-line page to find them there.

We have provided a short description of each story beside each link to help you decide whether or not you have already read them. Some merit re-reading more than once, we’re told. 5,364 of our stories were read in September so an average of 173 per day. The average visitor read 2.17 stories. Our personal biggest disappointment is how few ‘likes’ there are on the stories. Surely people don’t read 2.17 stories they don’t enjoy? Please, you tell us.

The amazing curiosity about shower masturbation is fascinating. It is interesting that the girls’ masturbation story is top yet again and there are an awful lot of our January stories in the top ten. Why should that be, we wonder? Is our writing deteriorating? Unless you use the ‘like’ button how will we know?

Hope you enjoy browsing the list. Just click “continue” if the list doesn’t already appear below.

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The Gorgeous Graham. Breaking The Casino Bank. Introducing Your Man To Oral Sex. Great Fun. Great Lovemaking ~ Angela Goodnight

I usually tried to keep work separate from my private life, particularly after John Dodd (the attempted rape), but sometimes opportunities arise and it would be foolish to miss them. The gorgeous Graham SweetmanOne of those opportunities was Graham Sweetman. God, he was gorgeous. Six feet tall, stunning blonde hair which seemed to swirl around his head, eyes as blue as the ocean, cute nose, wonderful skin, rosy large lips, strong chin, muscular in the Connery sense of the word, slim, carried himself straight and moved like a dancer. Always immaculately dressed in light grey, blue or beige suits. There was no other word to describe him other than beautiful. Simply beautiful from top to toe.

On this particular day in May 1974, I had just finished translating a tricky agreement into mandarin and walked to the copier to make my own personal copy. I kept these until I knew they had reached company as, on one occasion, I had a document get lost and wanted to ensure it never happened again.

Angela Goodnight photocopying at the department of trade and industry in LondonI was just copying the last page when this heartthrob walked up to me and said, “Angela, can I get a word?”

I turned to face him. His tie was blue, his waistcoat buttoned, handkerchief in his top pocket, his beard shadow just appearing in the late afternoon. Stunning.

“Hello Graham.”

“I was just wondering if you might be free for dinner on Saturday?”

“Sounds nice. Where are you thinking of?” I asked, not really giving a damn where we were going. I couldn’t believe this amazingly handsome man wanted to date me.

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