Giving A First-Time Orgasm To The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. Sensational Lovemaking ~ Peter Stone

[This story follows on from the previous one you can find on this link. Do please read the earlier one first.]

On Saturday, at one of the orgies in Geoff’s flat, I had become smitten by the most gorgeous willowy blonde. About nineteen, tall as me with beautiful crimped blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, the longest and most delicate fingers, legs which went on forever, slim and, simply, absolutely stunning. She was as near perfect as you could imagine. The breasts being the only feature I would give less than ten points, shaving off a half for being larger than my ideal, but you must remember that I love breasts on the small side.

When she arrived at the party she was seriously the worse for wear, having the previous day discovered her long term boyfriend in her own bed with her younger sister. She walked out and stayed the night with Carol who was one of our regular attendees. Carol invited her along, but hadn’t really warned Anne, as this fantastic girl was called, about the amount of sex and swapping of partners which was involved at our parties.

We got to know each other, but it became increasingly obvious that she was too drunk to consent even though she asked me to fuck her more than once.

I took her to my room, helped her out of her dress and bra and tucked her into my bed to sleep it off, while I returned to the party. Later in the evening I slipped into bed beside her wearing my boxers for propriety and slept with the most beautiful girl in the world, but only in the unconscious sense of the word.

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How To Give Phenomenal Cunnilingus While The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Slept In My Bed ~ Peter Stone

Mixed race coupleAfter Amber left me I did try to get her to return, but she was adamant that she could not trust me not to get involved in fights to protect her and that it could cost me my life.

Amber was an Afro-Caribbean beauty and when we were out in public, on several occasions, I or she was insulted by groups of racists. Sometimes they were individuals who could be scared away with a word, but occasionally they were groups of young men who were not going to back down quietly.

On one occasion when she was out on her own she was chased by boys who said they were going to rape her and she only got away by abandoning her shoes and running full pelt in bare feet. On another occasion, with me, I lashed out at some racists and ended up with a number of injuries and this was the final straw for her.

She told me she didn’t mind the standard racist hatred against blacks, but could not allow me to become the brunt of the racist remarks made against us as a mixed race couple. It is hard to believe that this was only forty years ago in cosmopolitan London.

So, she left me for, she said, my own good. It was a real blow as I had begun to think that she and I could be a permanent couple.

Fortunately, back in Geoff’s flat, the lovely Susan comforted me and it was not long before I got over being jilted and could start to look at pretty girls again. I’m embarrassed to admit that this didn’t take more than a week or so.

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Retirement? Where Did Those Sixty Years Go? ~ Angela Goodnight

In August 2010 I would be sixty and could claim my old age pension. I have written this short linking piece to fill the gap in the timeline.

As it happens I enjoyed my work. My translation agency gave me constant variety in my day-to-day employment and meant I met interesting clients, some of whom became more than clients.

Angela Goodnight out runningHowever, the noisy chaos of living in west London had gradually been taking its toll plus two recent events made me realise it was becoming less and less safe living in the city.

The previous year I had been running through the park (I always try to run a couple of miles two or three times each week) and a man coming the other way attacked me. He tried to push me off into the bushes, but I managed to free myself and run away. He was only in his thirties or forties and yet was no match for me at fifty-eight. Another benefit of keeping fit.

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Relocating My Whole Life To Hounslow. Missing My Dad ~ Angela Goodnight

[Just a reminder that all of our stories are true. With us setting up our new True Storytime website we are writing small connecting snippets so that the sequence makes sense to readers. This story just fills in the gap from the rape by my husband which caused me to leave him and re-establishing myself in Hounslow. This began a golden period for my business which went from strength to strength, but my life seemed as if it had hit the buffers. I was depressed.]

Angela Goodnight in despair

Thirty-seven years old, a disastrous broken marriage, fertility problem. I realised that the likelihood was that I would die a lonely old spinster. How had my marriage become such a failure? Is there anything I could have done differently? That Valentine’s day in 1983 I made a choice for Richard Weston and I never saw Martin Napoli again.

Which was worse? Marty with his misogyny, his laziness around the house, his selfishness, his untidiness, but his brilliant, awe-inspiring love for me and lovemaking prowess? Or the charming, domesticated, thoughtful schizophrenic Richard who could be so loving one moment yet ended up violently raping me and leaving my heart scarred for life?

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Deciding I Had To Find THE Man With Whom I Could Make Love For As Long As We Both Shall Live ~ Angela Goodnight

After Manju Hanif and his unusual penis, opportunities for sex seemed to become few and far between. It wasn’t for the lack of offers of dates – they arrived almost every week, but I was determined to become more choosy. After all, I would be twenty-five in August and my biological clock was ticking. I felt I ought to be looking for the one. I wanted to marry, to have a family and to settle down in some idyllic cottage from where I could travel to work until the children arrived. I think the term for how I felt was ‘broody’. I’d also had many hints from my mum and Auntie Lesley kept saying I wasn’t getting any younger.

However, I wasn’t going to be rushed. I didn’t want to end up in a marriage which was no more than a sham. The trouble is I’d had relationships with men who could have made good husbands. Gus, who’d actually asked me; Vaughn who I lost owing to the trauma of John Dodd’s attempted rape; Graham? That was the problem Graham had begun to bore me after a few months. What if I married someone like him and found I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with him after having children. I guessed Gus’ invitation was still open. His last Christmas card asked me to marry him yet again, but I didn’t want to live in the wilds of the far north of Scotland. What on earth would I do with my translation skills in St Andrews, of all places. I suppose I could try to become a teacher at the university, but it didn’t appeal. I liked the variety of translation work and the interaction with the clients. Teaching a bunch of students didn’t set me afire as a profession.

I also had this deep love for my teenage sweetheart. I’d looked up Stone in the Gurney directory on a whim one day and his parents didn’t seem to be there any longer. There were three Stones, but none of them were George or Peter. I’d lost him forever, I feared and my desire for children outweighed my flimsy hope I might find him again somehow.

I resolved to date more boys and see if the right one appeared from in among them. Beginning April I decided unless the man actually repelled me physically I’d go out with him and see if there could be any chemistry. Maybe I was throttling off suitors without giving them a chance.

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January 2015 Top Sixty Most Viewed Stories ~ Peter Stone

Angie typing the blogI chose another beautiful young girl to represent Angie writing the blog this month. Hope you like it.

So, here is the top sixty story list for January 2015.

As usual many of our best stories never make the top sixty so please don;t use this as an exclusive list. To see all of the stories you are best to go to the life time-line page to find them there.

We have provided a short description of each story beside each link to help you decide whether or not you have already read them. Some merit re-reading more than once, we’re told. 6,723 of our stories were read in January so an average of 217 per day. The average visitor read 2.09 stories.

The amazing curiosity about shower masturbation continues.

Hope you enjoy browsing the list. Just click “continue” if the list doesn’t already appear below.

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Really Weird, Thin, Nine Inch Penis. Do Indians Give The Best Cunnilingus? Will I Ever Want Anal Sex Again? ~ Angela Goodnight

Men’s genitals. Such variety. I’ve encountered small ones, large ones, too large ones, tiny ones, bent ones, long thin ones, circumcised ones, natural ones, flaccid ones, erect ones, really hard ones, bendy pliable ones, black ones, white ones, brown ones and yellow ones.

They are all lovely to touch and play with and most are great for making love. I say most because there are some which have not been so pleasant. There have been two or three which I’ve had to get their owners to wash before sex – come on guys, eight or ten hours after your morning shower, with all that urination – give it a wash before expecting it to be showered with love and kisses.

I’ve had a problem with one or two penises which have been too large for me. I have an unfortunately positioned entrance to my cervix which means anything over about seven and a half inches actually hurts when it impacts my uterus. On one occasion I really, truly liked the guy and it looked as if we were going to have a really good relationship and then he made love to me. The pain, despite me asking him not to push too hard, was too much and I had to end the affair. Sad for both of us. The story is on this link.

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