If You Want A More Romantic, Less Explicit Read ~ Angela Goodnight

Angie typingI know quite a few teens under  eighteen visit my pages despite warnings and having to verify their age before entering, so I am rewriting my autobiography without explicit descriptions, so it really is just a romantic story of love and relationships.

It is being written a chapter at a time. They are released each week on Wattpad, which is free to join.

This is the front page of the story.

If you don’t want the stories from my childhood then you need to start at chapter four.

So, if my explicit language in the blog is too much for you then the Wattpad version might fit the bill.

Angela Goodnight, 21st May 2016

A Teenage Story Featuring A Doctored Pair Of Woolly Tights And The Rhythm Of The Swinging Blue Jeans. Musical Memories ~ Angela Goodnight

I was reading a blog by Exposing40 and she was talking about how music forms a huge part of our memories. She describes how important events, like giving her virginity, will be forever linked with certain songs and artists.

I made a comment on the above post that it made me think about the Gurney funfair in October 1964. Here is my story:

As I walked through between Gurney castle and the fire station onto the large flat area beside the canal, all the lights of the fair were flashing red, yellow, green, blue, white, orange and I could hear the noises of dodgem cars, twisty-turny rotating thingies, other rides, the sound of shouting from the coconut shy, candyfloss sellers and the hoopla stall. Above all else was the sound of the Searchers blasting out When You Walk In The Room. It is indelibly printed in my mind.

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Elust 82

[This is not one of our own posts, but a magazine produced by a group of which we are a member. We hope you find some of the stories interesting.]

Elust 82 Header
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Welcome to Elust #82

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Take Me

How Do I Love Thee:On Comparing Relationships

Asking all the questions…

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Erotic Fiction: Fishnet Queen

I Manage My Expectations

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Wanna Have Sex With Me? – Here’s how

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Our Top Forty True Erotic Stories in April 2016 ~ Peter Stone

Angie has the most wonderfully sexy legs. It gives me an erection just seeing them, so I chose an enticing Angie lookalike in bed this month. If I saw her like this I’d have had to have stopped whatever story she was writing and make love with her.

Lookalike Angie typing the blog.

Regular readers will know that she is writing again, but only a single story last month. I know she is in the middle of a tale for later this month retelling those wondrous days, as she calls them, when you find you are a teenager in love.

April was a good improvement on March in numbers.

Now the usual qualification on our stories. Unless they are prefixed by the word Fiction or Question our stories are true. They cover our lives from, in Angie’s case, since she was 8 years old and in my case from age 16. Today we are 65 and 68 respectively. Obviously we have had to invent dialogue for the earlier stories, but it has been done to adhere to as near the truth as possible. Who can remember the things they said as they were approaching orgasm five years ago, let alone forty years? We have also used some writer’s licence occasionally to make the stories more readable, but we have never changed the intrinsic truth of the accounts. Whether it be the story of Angie’s first period or my sex monster years, her first boyfriend or my first orgy, they are all written with passion. To truly understand us you need to read the Back Story page.

If you’ve come to this site expecting BDSM you are in the wrong place. Our stories are of love, romance, gentle sex and beautiful lovemaking. Putting a bruise on Angie’s lovely buttocks is something I could never do. If you want that sort of sex story eLust will help you find them. You will not find them here.

If you would like to follow our stories from the very beginning you can do so from this page on the blog site or from our separate True-Storytime.com website where my and Angie’s stories are listed separately.

So, here we go with the top forty of our stories which were read in April 2016. I’ve included a short description of each.

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Want To Make Love To Me? You’ll Have To Catch Me First! ~ Angela Goodnight

It was nearly four years. A whole third of my adult life since I’d dumped Wayne.

I was now thirty-one. I’d made several attempts to find Mr Right. Gus would have fitted the bill if he’d have moved to London. He wanted me to relocate in St Andrews and there was no way I could do that. My clients were in the English capital. Vaughn was another wonderful boy I’d dated, but events conspired against us. There had been an attempted rape against me and I felt uncomfortable in bed with men for a long time after that so lost my lovely Vaughn. It wasn’t until my trip to China that I was able to truly relax during lovemaking again.

Once more Gus tried to persuade me to move to Scotland and again I said no, then my friend at work, Averil, introduced me to the brother of her lover, Wayne, and I knew he could be the father of my children.

The affair continued apace. I began to explore the possibility of leaving the department of trade and industry to set up a translation agency of my own. Wayne was a good accountant and helped me with the business plan and I put it into action.

I borrowed a frightening amount of money (£35,000 in 1977 is the equivalent of £160,000 today) and left a totally secure pensionable government job to go it alone.

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Getting More Than Just A Bra Off My Chest! ~ Angela Goodnight

[This is not one of our stories. It is something I needed to get off my chest if I am going to start writing again.]

In writing this post I am sure I will be on a hiding for nothing, because the person who has caused my hurt is probably one of the most popular sex-bloggers in the world. I don’t wish her ill or anything like that, but I do feel I need to explain why I feel so bad.

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Incredible Afternoon Sofa Lovemaking. Many Happy Returns ~ Peter Stone

Well, I have been trying to get Angie to write about the second half of my birthday on 19th March, but she is still on a down as regards the blog (details here), so you’ll have to put up with me and the Word spell and grammar checker!

[For the record, all of our stories are true unless prefixed with FICTION or QUESTION or GUEST POST or the like. We began blogging about our love and our lives in 2013 and if you’d like to know why, then you’ll have to read our About page. This is not a BDSM blog, we cannot emphasise that strongly enough. Neither do we aim our writing at older people. Our blog is all about our lives and lovers from being teenagers right through to present day, so expect to find teenage stories as well as stories we have written about our older love-life. Everyone should find something to interest them. Images are taken from the web and are not of us. We credit images if we know the photographer. If you own one of the images we use please let us know and we’ll remove it or credit you.]

Back in March I wrote about my birthday present, the one you cannot put on the mantle shelf or coffee table! It was the most wonderful fellatio and she had me lie totally passive while she brought me to an amazing, thigh-shaking orgasm. You can read about it here: my birthday blow-job.

After the event she gave me a snowball, saying I might need it later, which meant she was expecting something special in the afternoon. I was knackered and just lay on the bed, watching my darling Angie give my poor, abused penis a final kiss before standing up, totally naked and walking off into the shower room. God her bum is so beautiful the way it moves from side to side as she walks. She worries it is no longer as firm as it once was, but it is gorgeous as far as I am concerned and we can do nothing about age progressing.

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