The Gorgeous Graham. Breaking The Casino Bank. Introducing Your Man To Oral Sex. Great Fun. Great Lovemaking ~ Angela Goodnight

I usually tried to keep work separate from my private life, particularly after John Dodd (the attempted rape), but sometimes opportunities arise and it would be foolish to miss them. The gorgeous Graham SweetmanOne of those opportunities was Graham Sweetman. God, he was gorgeous. Six feet tall, stunning blonde hair which seemed to swirl around his head, eyes as blue as the ocean, cute nose, wonderful skin, rosy large lips, strong chin, muscular in the Connery sense of the word, slim, carried himself straight and moved like a dancer. Always immaculately dressed in light grey, blue or beige suits. There was no other word to describe him other than beautiful. Simply beautiful from top to toe.

On this particular day in May 1974, I had just finished translating a tricky agreement into mandarin and walked to the copier to make my own personal copy. I kept these until I knew they had reached company as, on one occasion, I had a document get lost and wanted to ensure it never happened again.

Angela Goodnight photocopying at the department of trade and industry in LondonI was just copying the last page when this heartthrob walked up to me and said, “Angela, can I get a word?”

I turned to face him. His tie was blue, his waistcoat buttoned, handkerchief in his top pocket, his beard shadow just appearing in the late afternoon. Stunning.

“Hello Graham.”

“I was just wondering if you might be free for dinner on Saturday?”

“Sounds nice. Where are you thinking of?” I asked, not really giving a damn where we were going. I couldn’t believe this amazingly handsome man wanted to date me.

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Mutual Morning Masturbation And Orgasm With The Durex Dream Vibrator. A Simply Wonderful Sexual Adventure ~ Peter Stone

Another wet Sunday morning and something was buzzing. Sometimes we get flies which squeeze their way into the window frames and manage to occasionally get into the house. Had one got in this morning? It is 26th October and the clocks have gone back so instead of it being 7am it is 6am and daylight has arrived. Yes the wind and rain was hitting the windows, but this buzzing, the more I tried to analyse it, sounded less and less like a dozy fly. It was much too even for that. A consistent buzz. I recognised the buzz, but couldn’t place it. Sometimes we heard the dishwasher as a buzz from the kitchen below, but that was deeper and more varied. What on earth could it be?

I was lying on my side and blinked my eyes open. Angie was on her back with her eyes closed, her cheeks a little more rosy than normal and a smile on her face. Her breathing was too fast for her being asleep, in fact it was too fast for her being awake. Suddenly I knew what the buzzing was. It was her Durex Dream vibrator. She was masturbating.

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Connecting With An Old Lover, Providing An Exquisite Blow Job, Thrilling To His Lovemaking And Being Eaten Out For A Delicious Dessert ~ Angela Goodnight

Two weeks after my brief liaison with Malcolm I had the most lovely phone call from Gus, my lover from my university years, telling me he was going to a conference in Paris and could stop off in London. It seems he had to catch a ferry on Sunday night, but could come down on the Friday. Could I put him up? He’d be happy to crash on the sofa, but would love to see me.

I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t wait to see him.

Waiting for Gus at the station.On the Friday I had a meeting so was in one of my smart tailored suits. Not the cheap things I’d bought in Brixton, but a worsted suit from Regents Street. It was dark blue/grey, a single piece skirt which came to eight inches above my knee. The suit jacket had a flair over my hips, wide collar and satin lapels. Under this I wore a white silk blouse with powder blue cravat. As with most government department meetings it finished on time and gave me forty minutes to get to King’s Cross to meet him off the train due in at 6.15pm.

I stood at the end of the platform looking every inch the female executive with my black leather document folder. The sign board said the train was on time. I went to a café and bought a lemonade as I was feeling dry, went back to the platform in time to see a diesel locomotive drawing into the station. I took off the cravat so as to not look too bsiness like. People quickly began to pile off the train, running and rushing to get past the ticket collector and continue their journeys into the city or to their homes.

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Beautiful Lovemaking With The Charming Vaughn. John Dodd’s Attempted Rape. From The Heights Of Bliss To The Depths Of Despair ~ Angela Goodnight

Get ready for a long read, almost 17,000 words. This is a combination of stories from the beauty of making love with my new and very attentive boyfriend, through the violence of being assaulted by a work colleague and the problems that was to inevitably cause to my love life. Although part of the story has been previously published, both Peter and I feel that the new one needs to include the other one to show how it fits in with the whole picture. We’ve colour coded the older story in brown so that you can make the decision to skip if it is familiar to you or you would rather not re-read it.

[Background: This follows on from my story where I was stupid enough to get myself ‘party-fucked’ which you can read here. The culprit was Devlin Goss. While adding this note I’d like to reiterate that there is a back story going on here as all of these stories are true. They all join together as part of my life. I would strongly recommend reading our About Page so that you understand the basic outline and this will help you see how these stories meld. At the time of this story I am sharing an apartment in Pimlico with Marcia Lerway. I am working for the department of trade and industry in the Chinese section. I am one quarter Chinese and have a degree in Cantonese and Mandarin. As I say, it would be good if you read our background before starting this story, but, nevertheless, it will stand on its own. Do subscribe to the blog (see right column) to be sure of being advised of updates. Subscribing is private and anonymous. It is October 1971, I’m 21. I am in my flat where Marcia’s party, at which I was party-fucked, was continuing apace.]

When I returned to the lounge for a refill I noticed Devlin was still with the other girl. I also saw David and Marcia standing together with another guy called Vaughn so I walked over to them and muscled my way into their conversation. It was politics which was not something I knew a lot about. Vaughn seemed to be left wing and was arguing with David about the common market. Marcia smiled sweetly at me and rolled her eyes. I sniggered. I was able to add a little to the argument, saying I thought the protectionist attitude of America was not good for international trade and the common market must be good for business.

Actually Vaughn turned out to be a really nice guy and we eventually drifted off together as other party goers came to thank Marcia and David for the evening before taking their leave. We both sat on the balcony, him handing me his jacket as the evening was now somewhat cooler. Before I knew it I’d agreed to a date with him for the following Friday. Was this a rebound reaction? I was still so furious about Devlin.

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Not Another Orgy? The New Girl Muscles In While I’m Giving Cunnilingus To An Old Favourite. Sex Monster Years In London ~ Peter Stone

In 1971 when John, our student flatmate in Geoff’s flat, moved out to take up a job in the Midlands, it left us having to find a new tenant for his room. The official tenant was Geoff himself which is why we call it Geoff’s flat, but there were four rooms. Geoff’s the prime supersized double with the bay window, Susan’s and mine, both good sized double rooms and the smaller room which John was vacating. It would normally be called a large single, but you could put a normal sized double in it. I had a king size bed in mine and also room for a chaise longue at the foot of the bed. In addition there was a superb Bush radiogram which I bought from an even more superb shop manageress who I got to know intimately! Geoff paid 20% of the rent, Susan and I contributed 30% each and the smaller room was also 20%. We all thought it was fair enough because it was Geoff’s place and he had the responsibility for the lease. We all shared power, phone and most of the food.

Geoff’s flat was a hotbed of sex. Now I don’t want you to imagine that each of us simply invited girlfriends and live-in lovers to stay over. That doesn’t even come close to the activities which took place in the flat.

When I first arrived I remember undergoing an actual interview in front of the three of them to determine that I would be okay to join them. It wasn’t an easy experience as I didn’t know if they were looking for someone who enjoyed and enthused over free love or whether that was the sort of person which they were trying to avoid.

Anyway I passed the test and soon discovered that all of my fellow tenants regularly had live-in lovers, that Susan, who usually partnered with Geoff, was never averse to crawling into my or John’s bed and Geoff never seemed to mind. I brought girlfriends home and found the whole environment really fun and relaxed. We all shared the chores and there were few rules although nudity in the communal areas was frowned upon except, and this was key, during parties which inevitably turned into orgies.

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Have You Ever Made Love With An Asexual Man? This Was My First And Definitely My Last Experience ~ Angela Goodnight

Back in the UK after my visit to China and brief love affair with Gao, I felt much happier about my ability to be friendly with men. The John Dodd attempted rape was just beginning to fade into my past.

At the department of trade and industry my proficiency in Mandarin began to converge with my, already excellent Cantonese. During 1973 Yin did become the new China department team leader when Sheng left and, with Lei, I became one of the new senior translators. Another Chinese boy, Tai, was taken on and it was strange for me to be helping a native speaker in the ways of the department. Averil, the team administrator was becoming a good friend and we often went to the cinema and theatre together.

My love life still seemed to stall easily. I had been dating, but had not found anyone worthy of my body. I say that tongue in cheek because although it is very nice to always be told I am beautiful, stunning, sexy and attractive, I do not actually have an inflated view of my own beauty or attractiveness. What I mean is I didn’t feel like donating my body to mankind in general. Dodd had given me a new respect for myself and my vulva. I respected my body much more than previously. The female body is the most remarkable natural device in the world. We can set men afire simply by standing in front of them, our skin is an incredible organ, our reproductive organs really are quite extraordinary and the combination of our mind with our genitals produces orgasmic sensations which are the most amazing in the world of nature. I was going through a period when I did not want to use my body in a frivolous manner. I was capable of producing the most awe inspiring responses simply through masturbation. As I was still feeling nervous about bedding men I continued dating, but any effort they made to get through my bedroom door were not doomed to failure, but required an extraordinary effort of will. There was an exception and he was a really odd example. Let me explain.

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