Costa Chic – A Short Piece Of Lipstick Fiction ~ Angela Goodnight

[Peter and I are not alone as sex bloggers. One of our favourites is Girl On The Net. Like us, her tales tend to be true, but she has just published a piece of fiction as part of a competition and I thought I’d have a go, too. You can read hers on the link above.

[@sexblogofsorts has organised a short story competition based on lipsticks. This is the competition page: Short Story Competition for anyone else who’d like to have a go.

[Those of you who know my stories will be aware that I never wear lipstick and never write fiction, so I suppose it is an odd thing for me to write my first piece of fiction about, so I decided to do it with a twist.

[So. @sexblogofsorts provided me with my lipstick – Costa Chic. Now what the hell? The only other time I’d written fiction I got stuck with the plot. It still languishes unpublished. I thought and wracked my brain as to what I could write. I was just about to give up, because I go in for a cataract operation tomorrow and probably won’t be able to see well enough to type for a while. Then, while drinking a glass of Tesco Simply Zinfandel,  “Eureka” it came to me. Hope you like it.]

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Guest Fiction: Dragon by Kt Mehers

[This is our first fiction. Kt Mehers is a friend on facebook and has allowed us to publish her short fantasy story here. We thought it was delightful. Both Peter and I have also written some fiction, but never published it. I think we need to get our fingers out and set up a fiction section. We have borrowed an image from – please visit them. Without more ado, here’s Dragon by Kt Mehers.]

I am out, it is Saturday and the night is young and I am looking. The music is good, deep, dark and heavy, throbbing with the rock slut beat, it lends a slink to my stride to match the sway of my hips, a sway emphasised by crotch high, leather, stiletto, tranny, boots. When you are five foot three with an A cup you need all the help you can get to be noticed amongst the leggier buxom blondes. The boots are teamed with a halter-neck top and halter-neck wonder bra and a waspie waist cincher. It is all about making the most of what you have got, dramatic black and silver eye shadow teamed with deep blood-red lips made more striking by using black eyeliner as lip liner.

Closer by NIN comes on and I spin on my heel, all thoughts of hunting leaving my head as I rush back to my friends to make the scramble to the dance floor. The beat rides us as we twist and writhe in tune with the music and each other, we are making a spectacle of ourselves, three girls entwined around each other moving with fluidity and grace, we know what this is doing to the watchers, how coherent thought is leaving their heads and the brain in the trousers is taking over. We enjoy the power knowing once the song is over the spell we have created will dissipate but it is fun whilst it lasts, the joy of the Goth night is that no means no. The song ends and we weave our way off the dance floor, I turn to the others making the sign for drink, they shake their heads and I turn towards the bar, the slink and sway back in my step.

The feeling of being watched brushes against my skin raising the hairs at the nape of my neck with its intensity, I turn but cannot pick out a culprit from the moving mass of bodies behind me, I shrug and carry on.

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Brave Hero Or Bloody Fool? But I Love Him! ~ Angela Goodnight

Okay, so where the hell do I start in writing this post? Probably most wouldn’t have a clue what has been going on so I think I’ll start with the tweets.

Firstly I need to explain Peter had driven up to London on Thursday morning for a get-together with some of his colleagues from the Menton Retail Group from which he retired in 2001. They had a lunch followed by a blue badge guided tour around parliament and a trip on the London Eye. The evening was to be a few of them having drinks before going on to a Casino which had been pre-arranged.

At the hotel the few who were left, about six including Gerry, who I know well (he and his wife, Maureen, come and stay with us on the coast occasionally) were meeting another couple of friends before the casino.

Apparently my ex-husband, Richard Weston, was one of the friends of a friend who came. When he arrived, another friend Mike introduced Peter to Richard, something like, “This is Richard Weston who owns Surrey Plastics.”

Gerry says he saw Peter’s eyes narrow and he asked, “Were you married to Angela Goodnight?”

Richard said words to the effect of, “That bitch? Long time ago,” and laughed.

Peter took an immediate swing at him. Richard countered it and caught Peter on the face. Peter, with the power of a man in a rage, hit Richard four or five times in the stomach, punctuating it with words like, “You bastard. You raped and almost killed my wife. You evil sod!”

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Shower Sex! Washing My Angela. How Lucky To Experience An Everyday Sexual Fantasy So Often ~ by Peter Stone

Angie running across Gurney beach ?Most mornings, Angela goes for a run. She has several routes. Sometimes she runs to the canal, along the tow path for about four miles and back along mostly quiet lanes. That is probably her longest run. Another favourite is through the town, down to Linnet Bay then back along the beach if the tide is out and back home. Probably three miles. If the tide is in she runs the coast path back home. There are many other routes, too, so she never lacks variety.

I wish I could run with her, but my knees are a problem. Perhaps if I lost another 20lbs it might be easier, but when I do run I can only manage a mile at about nine minute pace and Angie likes to run further and much faster. She can still challenge six minutes for a mile and keep it up for several miles. Amazing really. So, if I do run with her she humours me for half a mile then I return while she pushes on.

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Pubic Hair – Natural, Trimmed or Shaved? ~ Angela Goodnight

Pubic ShavingI’ve consulted Peter about this post as he’s had over one hundred sexual partners and so could give me a good understanding of the types of pubic hair he has liked or disliked. I’ve had twenty-six partners including the girl with whom I had a six month bisexual affair.

I’ll start with Peter’s observations. He has always loved giving cunnilingus to his partners and, while living at Geoff’s flat in London he got a reputation for the best tongue in town. LOL. On more than one occasion he had girls actually queuing up for his attentions. I can confirm he has not lost any of his technique!

Warning – this post contains an image of a vulva.

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BOOK REVIEW: Girl On The Net ~ reviewed by Angela Goodnight

Girl On The Net book coverI’ve been following Girl On The Net’s blog for some time. I like the way she writes and, although she is a different generation to me, I find her thoughts refreshing and entertaining, also, occasionally, sexually titillating.

I’d seen her book advertised on her site and thought about getting it many times, but, with one thing and another, I didn’t buy. Eventually, though, with Peter heading away for a few days with his daughter’s family in Cheadle I decided to buy GOTN’s book and it arrived via Kindle whispernet.

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Experiences With Viagra. Our Take On The Benefits & Joys Of Those Wonderful, Magnificent, Brilliant, Stupendous, Blue Tablets. Long Live Viagra! ~ Angela Goodnight

[If you have found this article via a search engine, we recommend reading our Back Story before continuing.]

Those of you who have read the later articles and true stories written by Peter Stone and myself after we found each other again (see bottom of this list), will know Peter has had certain health problems in the past including a heart attack and stroke. He has ongoing atrial fibrillation (AF), treated blood pressure and has been fighting to reduce his weight and increase his fitness. He is 67 years old, is 5’ 10” tall (1.78m) and weighs 13st 13lbs (195lbs or 88kg).

I’m a naturally slim, small-breasted 65 year-old woman who stands about 5’ 6” (1.67m). I weigh 8st 4lbs (116lbs or 52kg) and have no health issues. I was infertile and have never been pregnant. I regularly run eight to twelve miles per week, but am not training for anything in particular, simply keeping fit. I like the buzz and the chance of mutual-shower-sex when I get home.

Peter’s heart attack at 58 and stroke the following year were a wake-up call for him. He found he was unable to maintain an erection and had been prescribed sildenafil, the chemical name for the drug Viagra. The inability to maintain an erection is a side-effect of some of the drugs he has to take for stroke prevention, AF and blood pressure.

We had been lovers as teenagers and Peter didn’t find me again until 2010, when he was 62 and we rekindled our relationship, marrying two years later. I set about getting him to lose weight. He was a willing participant in the project and has lost almost 3½st (50lbs or 22kg) and now he is fit enough to join me for short runs, although his knees won’t allow the distances I usually cover. Nevertheless, we are both much fitter today than when we first got back together in 2010. My own exercise prior to retirement was intermittent and I’d wanted to improve my own fitness regime.

Okay, so there’s some background on our health.

Sexually, we have both been very active over the years.

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