Is It Normal To Use The Handheld Shower To Orgasm? ~ Tracy of Hazleton PA

Girl masturbating with a hand-held showerDear Mrs Goodnight,

I’m 13 and I’ve been using the handheld showerhead thing in our bath like to get to orgasm. The first time it was like my first orgasm and I didn’t know what was happening till I came and like nearly slipped below the water heha!

Trouble is that I’ve been doing it more and more, like almost every day and when my parents went off for the day last week I just sat in the bath and did it like seven times over about an hour and went back and did it three times more in the afternoon. Am I normal and could I be like hurting myself doing it? I don’t touch myself with the showerhead, just like use the waterjets on my vagina.


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Super Saturday Fuck. A Story of Loving, Enjoyable, Sensuous, Lengthy Morning Sex, Accompanied By Several Orgasms. Wow! ~ Angela Goodnight

Today, Saturday 18th April 2015 was probably one of the best ways to start a weekend I could possibly imagine.

Steaming mug of morning teaI awoke first and paid a visit to the bathroom, made some tea and returned to the room, putting Peter’s on his bedside cabinet and sat up cupping mine in my hands. I love holding the whole mug in my palms, especially these lovely pottery mugs we purchased last week in St Tropez. They are so thick the heat within doesn’t burn your hands and they have such a lovely round shape to them which feels so lovely to hold.

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How To Follow A Loving Blow Job With A Surprising Snowball. A Variation On Fellatio ~ Angela Goodnight

I awoke first in our luxury suite at Chateau Tilques which is located thirty minutes drive from the Channel tunnel. Our French holiday had truly begun and I lay still, allowing sleep to gradually slip away. The white ceiling was featureless, but the far wall was home to an eighteenth century scene of some long-forgotten battle, its frame gold in rococo style. I looked at it, not studying it or enjoying it, but letting it bring me back to wakefulness.

I turned to my left. Beside me lay my darling husband, on his side facing me, his face in the totally relaxed state of sleep, his breath just carrying as far as my face. Slow, shallow and relaxed breathing of the man I would not hesitate to give my life to protect. I loved him more than life itself.

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My Fabulous French Orgasm! Vacation Travel, Food, Fine Wine & Sex. French Holiday ~ Angela Goodnight

I knew Peter was quite wealthy when we sat down to discuss our finances before we bought the house in Gurney. He’d had a huge house in Cheadle, which he shared with his girlfriend Charlotte, much younger than him. When we found each other in 2010 he had to end it with her and, despite them not being married, Peter insisted she have half the value of the house which later sold for £900,000. Funny money from my perspective. I learned he also had investments worth nearly eight million pounds and a villa in the south of France. I thought I’d done well for myself with my cottage in Bideford, a six figure rainy day fund and an excellent pension, but Peter’s retirement assets dwarfed mine.

Lotus EuropaHe was always very generous when things began to go right for him in the late seventies and I knew his children and grandchildren wanted for nothing. He also supports several charities and sponsors nearly a dozen children in Africa and South America.

Money has never been important to me, but it was lovely when he bought me a car for my 61st birthday. I couldn’t believe it. A classic white Lotus Europa which I’ve always loved since the Avengers. It doesn’t get used very often, but gets brought out of the garage when we go off for fun days or sexy weekends, although my back is now making it difficult to get in and out. Such a wonderful surprise though and I do love driving it – so low to the ground.

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February 2015 Top Ten Most Viewed Stories ~ Peter Stone

Angie typing the blogYet another pretty girl to represent Angie writing the blog this month. Hope you like her.

We’ve had a busy month transferring all of our stories to the new website. We had to do this because there was a danger that blogging software could have made it illegal to write explicit stories. The blog will still continue, but we think the stories look much better on the new site so please take a look.

Here are the top ten stories read during February 2015.

As usual many of our best stories never make the top ten so please don;t use this as an exclusive list. To see all of the stories you are best to go to the life time-line page or to find them there.

We have provided a short description of each story beside each link to help you decide whether or not you have already read them. Some merit re-reading more than once, we’re told. 7,017 of our stories were read in January so an average of 250 per day which is a very pleasing increase. The average visitor read 1.93 stories.

The amazing curiosity about shower masturbation continues.

Hope you enjoy browsing the list. Just click “continue” if the list doesn’t already appear below.

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Marrying The Man Of My Dreams After A 48 Year Engagement! Lovely Honeymoon Experience ~ Angela Goodnight

It is Saturday 18th February 2012. The weather is dull, overcast with little wind, but for me it was the most beautiful weather in the world and I was happier than ever before. The dream of my lifetime was about to come true.

We’d arrived by Rolls Royce, Peter in a blue Italian suit which looked good on his improving figure (he’s been fighting to lose weight). Over it was a charcoal grey overcoat which was unbuttoned. His shoes smart royal blue leather. I wore an orange coat with dark blue piping, but underneath a tailored white double-breasted suit with a jacket flaring attractively over my hips. The pencil slim skirt with a single front pleat fell to four inches above my knees. My nylons were sheer and I had white shoes with a neat bow. My hair had been styled to its best advantage and was crowned with a floppy white hat. It was a shame it was February as this outfit really needed to seen without the coat, which I’d remove as soon as I was inside.

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