A Story Of Endless Love, But I Suspect This Version Is Not The Best Way Of Protecting Yourself From Infection! ~ Peter Stone

[Regular readers and subscribers know that our stories are taken from our true lives. However, sometimes the most generous and beautiful expressions of true love don’t get told, because they seem uninteresting. Now my cold is gone and we’re back to our enjoyment of regular lovemaking, I remembered a particular demonstration of love by Angie during my wretchedness and I think it deserves recognition. So … here it is … for all the world to read. If you’d like to know more about us as people then read the back story. Images used are from the web and chosen to represent some aspect of the story.]

When I had the bad cold a week or two back, the biggest regret is the fact that we lose opportunities to make love. While sneezing during the act can add a certain je ne sais quoi, a racking cough can rather spoil the rhythm.

Of course, despite flu injections we still seem to get the odd cold and as it is normal for us to have colds at different times we can lose a fortnight of quality sex. Unfair. Life is too short already without missing the opportunity for another orgasm. However, we both know that, despite the sniffles, sneezes, coughs and snorting, sexual arousal is just beneath the horizon and we try to make each other’s misery a little less awful.

I remember a Sunday morning a couple of days into the worst of my cold. I awoke and the room was warm. Was it my temperature, perhaps? No, it definitely felt warm. I turned over and looked at the Dimplex, which we only ever use on the very coldest days and, even then, not for sleeping, but for making love.

I could see both lights were on meaning that it was on full blast. Yes. It was warm.

The door opened and my darling Angie, complete with a steaming mug of tea in each hand and a packet of chocolate chip cookies under one armpit, walked into the bedroom like the dream you often have, but never really happens. She was stark naked and beautiful.

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QUESTION: I Am Marrying A Jew. Should I Have Myself And Our Children Circumcised? ~ Lawrence From Sydney

Dear Ang,

Uncircumcised penis showing the part which is cut off and blood vessels which are lost.This story was incredible! I really shouldn’t read this at work though!

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on circumcision.  I’m intact and want to remain that way! Believe it or not, my partner is Jewish (and she supports me remaining intact), but the local Rabbi sends mixed messages about conversion in Liberal Judaism.  I don’t have children yet, but am uneasy about circumcising any boys, but there will be pressure from my partners family to do so.

I know lots of men have perfectly happy sex lives being circumcised, and I know your experiences have led you to favour a protected, soft glans (hooray) but I’d be interested to hear some more theory on your part – if you had the time.

With best wishes,


Sent from my iPhone

Dearest Lawrence,

Thanks for the nice comment on my article about my sexual discomfort during a run. LOL!

More importantly, thank you so much for giving Peter and I the opportunity to put the argument against circumcision.

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How Can A Morning Run Cause A Desperate Need To Orgasm? The Agony Of An Obsessive Compulsive Clitoris! ~ Angela Goodnight

I promised to write about this. A brilliant and unusual sexual adventure. Just goes to show you can still learn about yourself even when you get old.

If you are not female and not a runner, you might not understand what was happening to my mind and body during my run yesterday morning, but first I have to tell you what happened the previous night to explain part of the cause, so let me take you back to the previous day.

– o o –

On Monday evening, 16th November 2015, we had a lovely Chinese meal with my mum. She helped me prepare a rather unusual dish which included two frozen Canadian lobsters from LIDL, noodles, asparagus, rice, spring onions, ginger and a few slivers of chillies without seeds. It was amazing. Peter pulled out our last bottle of Elbling Sekt, an unusual European sparkling wine we bought a case of when we were in Luxembourg during the summer. We followed it with our favourite Macallan Sherry Cask malt whisky (sadly now discontinued). The whole event was absolutely delicious and we went to bed just a little merry.

Lotus EuropaThe next morning, 17th, my Lotus Europa was to go in for a service. Peter had given it to me for my birthday four years ago. I’d loved Europas since the Avengers. I only do about three thousand miles a year in it as it is a classic car and we ensure it has a good winter protection service and underchasis clean each year. Afterwards it will sit in our garage until spring to avoid damage from salt spraying up from icy roads. Because we needed to get to Exeter for the service I decided to set my alarm for a very early run.

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Lust Factors! The Wonder Of Sexual Arousal Versus The Overpowering Force Of True Love! ~ Peter Stone

The other day we were watching something on television and it inspired Angie to ask me what attracted me in a female. Let’s face it she already knows, but the reason for her question was a need to know in much more detail, the specifics. I told her l liked the shape of females. She scolded me that she wanted to know the actual bits which turned me on, not the broad picture, so I gave it some thought. The problem is that it makes me sound sexist and I’m not. It also makes me sound as if I believe girls are no more than sex objects and that isn’t true either. Girls are people. Living, breathing, intelligent, intellectual people. They are also extremely fuckable so excuse me while I explain what makes them appeal.

Today no other female could cause me to stray. I am devoted to Angela and, frankly, the most beautiful girl in the world could wave her vulva in front of my face and I would not be tempted. God, I’d be aroused by it, but I could never do anything to hurt my Angie so, no matter how attractive the invitation, it would have no effect upon me. However, how I see/saw Angie is also key to what attracts me, so before I deal with the eminently fuckable girls from my past, I intend to explain the impact this quarter-Chinese bride of mine has had upon me now for more than fifty years.

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Elust #76

[This is not one of our own posts, but part of a group of which we are a member. We hope you find some of the stories interesting.]

Elust header
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Welcome to Elust #76

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Sex and the post-birth vagina

Lonely Things

Just the two of us

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Tiny, shiny, bity snaps of steel…

I have fallen in and out of love with myself

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I had An Abortion

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Information On Website Progress ~ Peter Stone

Sorry, no erotica in this post, so you can relax for a while. Why not play ‘hunt out the typos’ – there are sure to be some because Angie hasn’t edited it yet and she always finds them when I do the posting.

The reason weve not been posting quite as much as usual in the last few months is that I’ve been working away on our other websites and domain names and Angie has been writing a novel.

However, the novel is almost complete and I can give some news on the other websites.

We have purchased TrueErotica.website and LoveStory.website which currently only show a ‘site under construction’ notice. These will be developed next year.

This year, my efforts have been concentrated upon building the True-Storytime.com and Girl-Story.com.

Peter Stone working on the blogOn the True-Storytime.com website I have put all of our stories in the order in which they occurred during our lifetimes with the ability to add in more stories correctly in sequence as and when they are written. Also each story shows a link into the next one. Also new on that site is our Fiction section. The recent Lippie competition has given us a flavour for erotic fiction and we both think we might dabbel in that a little more. The picture is, of course, not me, but looks a bit like me when I was younger. Today myhair is almost gone and what there is of it is, Angie says, a distinguised grey! LOL. If you want to go straight to the Fiction section on the True-Storytime site click this link. You’ll also find Dragon by Kt Mehers there and if you have written any erotic fiction yourself, feel free to submit it to the email address below. Anything considered, but we won’t publish unless we like it and Angie can cast an editorial eye over it.

The Girl-Story.com website is basically Angie’s autobiography and we intend to turn it into a paperback and eBook as well. This is a long reed over 400,000 words. We’re hoping it will become the sort of eBook people will take away to read on the beach during vacations.

The original AngelaGoodnight.com website will be the home of more detailed descriptions of our books plus, in the sexblog directory, this WordPress blog AngelaGoodnight.com/sexblog. Anyway that is a work in progress.

We thank everyone for their suppor tand remind readers that if they don’t have a WordPress account, they can still comment on our stories by emailing contact @ AngelaGoodnight.com (don’t forget to remove the spaces in that email address).

Kind regards to everyone,

Peter Stone, 10th November 2011

Disney World, Waterbed, Attacked By Pirates & Fucked Senseless! ~ by Angela Goodnight

[This is another story about my black lover, Danny Head, who seduced me during my only bisexual period. In fact it is the only time I have ever been unfaithful to someone when I cheated on my lesbian girlfriend. The previous story dealt with our arrival at the Magic Kingdom for a short break. This story sees us venture out into the amusement park. This is set around 1990 when we were both approaching forty. Read the back story for more information about my life. All of our stories are true with some author’s licence and some dialogue being reconstructed owing to the passage of time and memories never being perfect.]

We were walking down Main Street, USA. Danny wore Bermuda shorts in blue with a matching polo shirt. I wore a pair of tight, short shorts (I’ve always had the legs for them), with a cotton top. It was hot with a blue, cloudless sky. How fabulous to see all of the happy faces surrounding us. Not a frown in sight and hardly a childish tantrum to be seen among all of the children making their way hither and thither along the street with its candy-coloured buildings, fascinating shops and cafés.

Of course, we did all of the usual things, but made the mistake of starting with the Small World ride, a floating experience with thousands of singing dolls. By the end of it our total mirth at how ridiculous it was had faded and we got out when the ride finished wondering why on earth we had thought Disney World would be of interest to a couple approaching forty years of age.

We went to one of the coffee bars and sat outside rather despondent at how bad the Small World had been. It was clever, of course, but so childish and boring with the same bit of music running from beginning to end. I’ve never been a fan of dolls anyway, so bitterly disappointed.

I think both of us would have cheerfully left Disney’s Magic Kingdom there and then, but we were captivated by the expressions of joy and wonderment all around us. In front of us was a beautiful carousel.

“Want to go on the carousel?” Danny asked, hoping the fairground ride would compensate in some small measure.

His question broke into my increasing depression as I watched flying Dumbos circling lethargically in another ride. Was this what it was all about? Pathetic rides designed to enthral young children? Everyone said it was for all ages, but not from what we could see so far. The carousel did, however, offer some genuine fun.

“Yes, why not?” I said trying to stay positive.

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