Our Top Thirty True Erotic Stories in January 2016 ~ Peter Stone

Day dreamingA dreamy young Angie lookalike this month.

January saw a huge increase in visitors, up by 22% on December.

Before I start on the top thirty, let me reiterate that all of the stories are true unless prefixed by the word Fiction or Question. We began writing our blog in December 2013 so we passed our two year anniversary on 22nd December 2015.

Many of our stories, indeed most of them, cover our lives before we rediscovered each other in 2010. They recount our love affairs, or perhaps I should say, sexual affairs, during the dreadful period when we both thought the other was trying to forget us. If you go to the top of the page you will find ours stories in life-timeline order if you want to start from the beginning.

So, here we go with the top thirty. I’ve included a short description of each.

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Final Chance To Make Us A Top One Hundred Candidate ~ Peter & Angela

Hey everyone, good morning. The deadline is Sunday 31st January 2016. This is our final chance to ask you to nominate our gentle, true love stories into the top hundred of sex blogs.

Tender and gentle lovemaking blog.Towards the end of last year a number of you voted for us to be included in the top hundred sex blogs.

Sadly the organiser is unwell, so another blogger, Molly, has taken on the task of recompiling it for late compilation in February. There is a lot of work involved in this and we wish her well with the task. She does not have access to the original nominations, so they need to be done again.

This is the link to our blog:


Can we please ask everyone who likes our blog to please go to Molly’s Daily Kiss and nominate us. Please shade and copy the entire link shown in red above into your nomination. To nominate, all you have to do is add our link in the comments – you do not need to say anything about our blog, but your views are always welcome.

If you don’t want your nomination to appear in the comments then you can send an email to molly@mollysdailykiss.com with “2015 Nominations” in the subject line.

Many nominations seem to come from other sex bloggers, but our blog is primarily aimed at ordinary people interested in true sex stories, so we probably need a number of our readers to help us get into that top hundred. From stats we are fairly sure the BDSM community are more interested in kink than in our tender, but sexual, love stories.

Please nominate us today, before you forget. There is a deadline.

So many thanks from both of us.

Peter & Angela Stone, 29th January 2016

Human Sexuality – Do Our Fantasies Give A Clue To Darker Realities? ~ Angela Goodnight

The story about Peter’s fantasy the other day set me thinking about human sexuality.

I think it is important, if you are interested in what this article is about, that you actually read the story in question otherwise you won’t understand the points I am trying to make.

I am not a sex expert, but I am a level-headed person who has had a lot of relationship experience during my life, and enjoy acting as Agony Aunt to people who write to my blog and we publish their questions occasionally.

My experience comes from having over twenty sexual partners. I consider that I fell in love about four times, but know that although the others seemed like love, there was only true undying love once and it bracketed my entire life.

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Giving Girls Orgasms Is Not The Only Extraordinary Thing You Can Do For Them This Year, PLEASE HELP ~ Angela & Peter Stone

An African girl who was sold for an organ transplantWe support PLAN which helps girls at risk of abuse, at risk of being married off at twelve, at risk of female genital mutilation so they can never have any sexual feelings and will therefore be faithful to abusive husbands. The girl in this image was sold so that her organs could be used for transplants!

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I Love Wonderful Wake-Up Sex, But This Was A Particularly Rare And Beautiful Experience ~ Angela Goodnight

This morning was one of those amazing bits of sexual fun people can have when they are truly in love and know each other extremely well.

Since Christmas, I’ve regularly being holding Zebedee (Peter’s penis), when he awakes and it has led to many joyful wake-up sex events. Also, he doesn’t need sildenafil first thing, usually, so it’s better for his health, too.

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Angela, Angela Always Inquisitive; What Would You Like To Know? My Fantasy’s Blonde Hair, The Softest Young Skin; And Pretty Vulvas Aligned In A Row! ~ Peter Stone

Angela, Angela Always Inquisitive;

What Would You Like To Know?

My Fantasy’s Blonde Hair, The Softest Young Skin;

And Pretty Vulvas Aligned In A Row!

“Why do you fancy Tara, then? Thought you’d be more of a Diana Rigg fan,” we were watching an umpteenth rerun of an Avengers episode.

“I love the strange quirky smile she has and she reeks of sex.”

“But you hate thick thighs and she’s definitely got thighs thicker than you like.”

Angela Goodnight's Lotus Europa“You like her car, though.”

Angie leaned over and kissed me, “Thanks for my car. I love my car. Wish I could drive it right now.”

I’d bought her a Lotus Europa for her birthday a few years ago. It is in mothballs in the garage until the spring. Salt on the roads does huge damage to classic cars in Britain in the winter.

“You wouldn’t kick her out of bed, then?” she snapped.

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GUEST POST – My Hostess Friend Tells How Her ‘Working Girl’ Life Began. Her Fears & Anxieties Selling Sex For The First Time ~ Christina Forres

Sex for saleIntroduction by AG: In this earlier story I promised that my great friend, Christina Forres, would be asked to do a guest blog about her life as a call-girl.

[Before continuing, for new readers, I would like to mention that, unless prefixed with FICTION or QUESTION, all of our stories are true. If you’d like them in lifetime sequence go to our True Storytime Website. Our personal story is told on the Back Story Page. Naturally we cannot be 100% certain guest posts are true, but we have very high confidence that they are, otherwise we wouldn’t put them on our blog.]

I met her shortly after I set up my Chinese agency in Hounslow and we became really good friends. She helped replace the loss of a female friend, I felt when I moved out of Marcia’s flat in Pimlico. I met her at a chamber of commerce meeting where an expert had been hired to talk about the new Prestel banking system (an early version of on-line banking). We chatted during the break and went for a drink afterwards. Over the next few weeks we met up for coffees and she came to my office to talk me into coming out for lunches, which I didn’t normally do. We got on like a house on fire, although she was very evasive about her work, usually saying it was a sort of customer liaison function.

One Friday night we’d both had a few drinks and I invited her back to partake of my spare room to save her heading back into town. We sat up for hours, talking and drinking and snacking when, finally, she came clean.

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