My Sexual Education Continues. A Natural Progression From All Of Our Kissing and Petting Was The Inevitable Hand-Job! ~ by Angela Goodnight

On Sunday we met on Storn Beach. We walked over the sands hand in hand, me in dark blue shorts and pink T-shirt, him in brown short corduroy shorts and striped ‘mod’ T-shirt with two-third sleeves. I wore plimsolls and he sneakers. It was a lovely warm day. The September mild spell continued. In fact it was positively warm.

We made our way nonchalantly towards the castle ramparts. The raised hollow to the canal side of the castle was the place I’d identified as the best location for us to make love. It couldn’t be today because I still had my period and didn’t want anything to ruin the day we lost our virginities.

The castle mound was a steep sandy slope rising about seventy feet above the beach with the council offices to its left. On this side there appeared, at first glance, to be no entrance, but I knew otherwise.

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How Do You Make Love? Sexual Positions for Girls. Just a Few Descriptions and Personal Opinions ~ Angela Goodnight

Sexual position - StandingI had an email the other day telling me I spend lots of time talking about the various sexual positions I adopt with Peter and with my ex-lovers during the period when we had lost each other and I seem to be saying I enjoy all of them apart from scissors which I have mentioned being a particular favourite from time to time.

The truth is I do enjoy all of them. However, as Peter and I have got older certain positions have become easier to adopt and, as you age, you are less likely to find making love swinging from a chandelier quite as exciting as it might once have been, although when we bought our house in Gurney there was a swing in the garden and we managed to have sex, of a sort, on it with me sitting astride him. It’s a wonder it didn’t break!

The email writer has a point, though, so here I go – the Angela Goodnight opinion on some of our most used sexual positions.

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18th July 1977 Saw the Opening of My Own Chinese Agency. Isn’t Jilling-Off or Masturbation or Ladywanking the Most Wonderful & Relaxing Way to Celebrate? ~ Angela Goodnight

Wayne's flowersIt was ten days after I broke with Wayne, my lover for the last two years and the longest I had ever been with any particular man. A huge bunch of flowers arrived at the flat with a card which said:

“Please forgive me.

I got the job, but tell me you’ll take me back and I won’t take it.

Love you, Wayne xxx.”

Wayne had suddenly told me he’d been head-hunted for a job with his firm in New York. There had been no discussion about it and he seemed to think I’d be okay about it. If I’d known it might have changed my plans to start my own translation agency, but he told me after I’d committed to buying a shop unit for an office and an apartment. It was too late to cancel now.

Needless to say I was furious with him as we had been talking about marriage, yet when I thought more deeply about it, I was the one who’d talked of marriage, not him. He seemed to have tacitly agreed, but I came to realise his heart was not in it.

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More Progress On The Business. Fabulous Final Lovemaking! Why Would You Dump The Man You Love? Goodbye Wayne! ~ Angela Goodnight

I was up early on Saturday morning and arrived at my shop unit for about 8.30am. This was to be a day of meetings starting with shutter contractors at 9am.

I walked along to the dry cleaning shop and watched them winding their shutters up. They were a sort of steel mesh forming rectangles about eight inches by three inches which meant, even when they were down you could see the interior and they were the sort I wanted.

I wandered back to the unit and opened the glass door, having left my shutter up from the Thursday when I’d made a quick visit. It was so awkward to open or close I hadn’t bothered. The glass, frameless door seemed fine and the full height and width plate-glass windows were also in excellent condition – or would be when I’d removed the posters which had been stuck upon them when the previous owners went bankrupt. The granite faced sills to the windows were also  in excellent condition. Outside, all I needed was the new shutters and the side pillars and signboard area painted. Then a sign to announce who I was.

[This is one of a series of stories about me leaving the department of trade and industry and going freelance. It is, of course, up to you, but this story will not make a lot of sense if you haven’t read the previous two. If you want to leave this until later you can get to the beginning of the series by clicking this link. It is also part of a longer series about Wayne Watts who has featured in a whole run of stories from the mid-seventies. While adding this note, I’d like to remind new readers that all of our stories are true although some dialogue has had to have been invented owing to the time which has passed since the real events. There are the odd author’s licence changes to make stories more readable, too, but nothing of any substance has been changed.]

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The New Business Is Go. Necessary Quick Multi-Vibrator Sleep-Inducing Masturbation. Exciting & Loving Friday Night Cowgirl Sex ~ Angela Goodnight

When I got home Marcia was waving a letter at me. It had Barclays on the envelope. It was a letter from the bank. She tried to keep the settee between me and her, but eventually I managed to grab the document as we collapsed in laughter and I used my nail to slit the envelope open and pulled out the contents.

Suddenly I was sitting forward on the sofa, concentrating on the document’s contents.

“I’ve got it. Marcia, I’ve got it,” I said, looking up towards her and giving a goofy smile.

She tossed her hair and I watched her put the kettle on for some tea. Our answer to everything, good, bad or indifferent news.

The letter did not quite promise everything for which I had hoped. I’d been offered £35,000 but no overdraft facility. I’d have to work within a slightly tighter budget. He also asked for his own people to do valuations on the properties when I chose them and the mortgages would be reduced in proportion to any shortfall. Nevertheless, it was approved. I now needed to give in my notice and secure the properties as soon as I could.

Marcia put a large pizza into the oven while I dialled Mr Morgan (the estate agent).

“Mr Morgan. Good evening. Angela Goodnight here. Is there any change in the situation with those two properties?”
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Should I Take One Giant Leap For Girlkind And Leave The Department? Amazing Celebration Cunnilingus And Lovemaking ~ Angela Goodnight

I ploughed through the figures yet again, looking for errors in my logic.

The business planningI knew I could get the British Aerospace business so they were certain, at least during the first year. That would pay the mortgage easily on the office space. I was also fairly sure that Midas Plastics would become a client and that would cover the rates [building taxes]. I had enough other certain clients to cover the mortgage on an apartment as long as I didn’t want to live in the centre of London.

On top of that I knew there would be some private tuition in Cantonese and I was sure to pick up new clients with good ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. It was a shame I couldn’t stay in the shared flat with Marcia as that would give me some continuity, but I didn’t want a long commute to and from the office and there was no way I could afford an office in the city centre.

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June 2015 Top Ten Most Viewed Stories ~ Peter Stone

Angie in the office! No wonder I get nothing done at work.Here’s another Angie look-alike to adorn the June 2015 top ten. I wish she’d had some professional photographs taken when she was younger. I missed seeing her develop from the fourteen year-old I knew at school right through to the sixty year-old I found again in 2010. I can see she was always a stunner from photographs taken over the years, but it is not the same as being with her. Today she is full of grace and poise and I love her. I’ll never get over the sadness of all of the years we were apart.

Anyway, I always try to find a tasteful picture for these monthly charts. Hope you like this one.

We increased to 9,731 stories read in June on this site and a further 8, 524 stories were read on our website. That means we are up to over 18,000 in total. Many people don’t finish stories, but as the average person visits about two pages many are reading the stories plus book sales are increasing. They can only be purchases linked from the site really so that is gratifying.

What is sad is that we have had so few reviews of our books. If you are one of our regulars please go to Amazon and give a review to one of the titles. It would be much appreciated. Also, every page on the True Storytime website now has a like/dislike button so please don’t forget to use it. It will help us know the types of stories which are most popular and the button cannot identify you so it is totally anonymous.

Angie got very upset by a review on Amazon of our second volume of short stories and wanted to pack the whole thing in. I convinced her otherwise, but some good reviews would be a great help.

Here are the top ten stories from both sites read during June 2015.

As usual many of our best stories never make the top ten so please don;t use this as an exclusive list. To see all of the stories you are best to go to the life time-line page or to find them there.

Below we have provided a short description of the stories beside each link to help you decide whether or not you have already read them.

The amazing curiosity about shower masturbation continues.

Hope you enjoy browsing the list. Just click “continue” if the list doesn’t already appear below.

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