Premature Ejaculation. He Cums The Instant He Enters Me. Help! ~ A question from Alice and George

Dear Angela,

Can you help us? Were a young married couple from New Zealand. Weve been married for 3 weeks inc a 12 day honeymoon which was a disaster. I am 19 and my husband is 21. We were both virgins. We both wanted to keep ourselves. Weve dated for nearly 4 yeasr. On honeymoon we tried to make love three times and each time he came within secons of coming in to me. I tried to be understanding and told him not to worry about it and that it would get better, but after the 3rd time he went very quiet and weve only attempted it again one more time last night which is why Ime writing because it happened again. Several times I tried to touch him in bed to encourage him to try again, but he didnt want to. Last night he actually cried and said he was useless. I tried to comforting him, but there is no consoling him. He nows Ive sent this email. Ive sent it to several sights, but you seem so experienced. What can I do? I can’t ask anyone we know.

Alice and George – April 22nd 2014

Oh dear, what a shame you’ve had this experience. Firstly let me say that it will pass. It is nice to know that you are both asking this question and Peter and I will answer it together for you, too.

You obviously love each other and want to resolve the issue. It’s called premature ejaculation. Continue reading

Female Ejaculation or Squirting. Do We Finally Know From Where It Comes? ~ Angela Goodnight

Those of you who are regular readers will know that I have never had any problem squirting or producing female ejaculate. I could do it at 14 and it still happens today.

What has always been puzzling is where it comes from. In this post I describe a situation during which I must have produced a good cupful of this strange liquid.

In that post I asked the question, rhetorically, where it originates. We know the Skene’s glands, or female prostate gland creates the liquid and that it appears to be very much like the clear liquid produced by the male prostate and which is then mixed with sperm before being ejaculated. If the sperm is removed we’re told the liquid which remains is clear. Continue reading

Street Harassment. Rape Culture. Do Women Objectify Themselves By Dressing Attractively? ~ Angela Goodnight

[I have also posted this on the EverydayFeminism website.]

Girls in sexy miniskirtsWomen are often accused of contributing to rape by the way we dress and there is no doubt that the way we dress contributes towards attracting street harassment.

The reason for me writing this extra item is the question, “Why did we come to dress the way we do and do we set out to deliberately fire up sexual interest in our bodies?”

MY CURIOSITY SET ME to thinking about how we dress and why. I mentioned in another thread on EverydayFeminism that both my husband, Peter, and I can think of no convincing reason for how men and women dressed historically. I did find one possibly believable suggestion that men peed standing up so could wear clothes which provided access to their genitals through an opening or the loosening and pulling down of a waist band, whereas women find it very difficult to pee hygienically while standing and that the design of dresses and skirts allows us to crouch and pee more easily without having to remove all of our garments. Continue reading

Comfort Lovemaking. Loving Sex. Sometimes You Need The Raw Beauty Of Sex To Ease The Pain Of Memories ~ Angela Goodnight

When I look back over what happened to Peter and me [see About], especially after reading his accounts of his life on our blog, I sometimes get very depressed.

We were so in love as teenagers and were torn apart by my father’s actions, because he destroyed Peter’s letters to me and instructed my mother to pretend no letters had arrived.

I was so stupid. I assumed when I didn’t hear from Peter, he didn’t want to try to keep the relationship going so I never wrote to him. On one occasion I did write a letter which told him how dreadful I felt and asking why he didn’t want to keep in touch, telling him how much I loved him and missed him. The letter languished unsent in my Latin text book for nearly four weeks and I regret as I still hadn’t heard from him I assumed the worst and destroyed it. If I had sent the letter everything could have been so different. Despite my father’s actions and his organising an ex-directory telephone line we would certainly have found some way to communicate.

I suppose the final straw for my hopes of ever seeing him again went after I sent a birthday card to him. I can clearly remember it. I large heart surrounded by spring flowers. Outside it said, “Birthday Greetings To The One I Love.” Inside I wrote, “I so love you, please tell me you are all right. I miss you dreadfully. Your darling Angie,” plus about twenty Xs. Continue reading

I Was A Two-Timing Sex Mad Boyfriend. Should She Dump Me? I’d Said I Loved Her. ~ Peter Stone

What is it with men? We find ourselves girls with perfect bodies who enjoy making love in exciting and novel ways and then we screw it all up because another has caught our eye.

I’ve posted about Andrea three times already. The first was the taking of her virginity on the beach at Mark’s Bay, the second a wonderful lovemaking in her bedroom and the third the most delightful cowgirl sex on the beach in Mark’s Bay once more.

I was in the early stages of what I call my sex monster years when getting my end away was more important than the feelings of the girls I was banging. However, when I started dating Andrea it seemed to be just perfect. Apart from not being Angela, she was everything I could possibly want in a girl. When wearing dresses she seemed to almost drift along the street, like an angel moving ephemerally a few inches above the pavement in a dreamy manner. In her school uniform she inspired huge desire within me with her rolled-over skirt, black stocking covered thighs and white knee-length socks. In a bikini or shorts her body made her nothing less than the sexiest, most desirable creature in the whole world. Continue reading

Can You Have An Orgasm Simply By Thinking About It? Penis And Vagina In Perfect Harmony. ~ Angela Goodnight

Two weeks after we’d returned from Madeira Martin Napoli moved in with me. I’ve described him in other posts. You can read about me meeting him in Madeira, again making love back in London and also in this much earlier post about my abusive first husband. Remember that these posts are not always in chronological order. Obviously I can’t remember the detail of our conversations so long ago so please forgive some writer’s licence as regards the dialogue in these stories. The guts of the stories are, as always, true.

It was wonderful to have a man there to love and for whom to cook. I’d got sick to death of cooking for myself and I couldn’t hold continual streams of dinner parties.

Martin worked for several national newspapers, freelancing and selling his stories to the highest bidders. It kept him pretty busy and involved quite a lot of travelling in and around the capital. Sometimes farther afield, too. His work days had to be flexible and today, a Sunday, he was doing a piece on Kew Gardens so would be home about 5pm.

The sex continued to be brilliant and multi-orgasmic lovemaking was the norm. His energy and technique seemed to suit my body so well. I loved having him in my bed. Continue reading

Cunnilingus To A Magnificent Orgasm Followed By The Most Wonderful Vanilla Lovemaking You Could Ever Desire. Is This Heaven On Earth? ~ Peter Stone

I’m going to take you back to 1970 for today’s story. If you have been following the blog you might remember Clarisse. At the time I was 22 and working as a joiner’s mate – the ‘gofor’ who fetched and carried for a skilled carpenter during building contracts. Once I’d got the hang of the joiner’s main function and needs I became really good at the job and Michael ensured he looked after me, adding substantial cash payments to my pay packet each week. Tax man forgive me. It was a long time ago. A good gofor who really understands the craftsman’s needs can save him a lot of money by ensuring the right timber, tools or fittings are where they need to be without having to be asked. I even rough cut some timber for him which he really appreciated. We were a great team.

Clarisse was clerking on one of the building sites and my chat up lines managed to score a ‘hit’ with her. We went for a meal and when I came to kiss her goodnight on her doorstep she invited me in. Her parents were away. Such a wonderful surprise and we made love in her room. The story is recounted here. I was flattered that she honoured me with her virginity. It was a little sad that she had a bad time with it, bled substantially and was a little sore. I’m glad it was me who took it because I know how to be gentle and to arouse a girl properly. Even so I could do nothing to stop the bleed or the small amount of soreness she suffered. A less thoughtful man might have ruined her experience. As it is, despite the soreness, she enjoyed her first lovemaking anyway and I also had the pleasure of taking her to a clitoris orgasm manually later in the night. She had never had any orgasm previously so was thrilled with that and, of course, I kept my hand well clear of her vagina so as to not aggravate the damage to her hymen further. Continue reading