Amber Part 4 – Losing My Caribbean Queen And Accepting Comfort Sex From The Lovely Susan – Who Could Resist Her Lovemaking? ~ Peter Stone

Everything good comes to an end, they say. When I look at my beautiful Angela I cannot imagine life without her, but when you are in your sixties the world can end for you at any minute and we try desperately to live every moment, not as if it could be our last, but as if it is the most important moment in the world. See the About Page.

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Amber Part 3 – Interracial Dating Problems; Seventies’ Racial Abuse; Squirting Cunnilingus And Brilliant Cowgirl Sex ~ Peter Stone

This is the third post about Amber Damenge and I recommend reading parts one and two first as the  story was developing and I was so infatuated by this beautiful girl that I began to believe that I was falling in love. Links below.

I met her at one of the orgy/parties in Geoff’s flat. She had been brought by a previous sexual partner called Monica who had had a feeling that I would like her and when she introduced Amber to me she suggested Amber should give my tongue a test drive. She was referring to my particular cunnilingus skills which had become legend among those who came to our flat. Few came to these parties and orgies unless they were interested in casual sex so Monica’s suggestion is not as shocking as might be thought.
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The Sheer Pleasure Of Mutual Orgasmic Sex In Your Own Bed When Returning From Holiday ~ Angela Goodnight

We’re back from Russia.

It is always lovely to visit other countries and relax with new people while enjoying an adventure, but there is still nothing quite as nice as cuddling up with your husband on that first night back in Gurney.

We were both too knackered to make love but I enjoyed the warmth of his hand holding my vulva while I held his flaccid member. It made a slight attempt to become erect, but the next I knew it was morning and a lovely cup of tea had appeared on the bedside table as Peter climbed back into bed and sat up against the headboard. Continue reading

The Forty Most Viewed Stories & Posts During June 2014

Angela Goodnight working on more storiesBelow you will find a list of the top forty most viewed posts during June 2014. Many are posts from earlier months which have remained popular.

Each title and link includes a short description to help you understand whether or not you saw them when they originally appeared. 5,498 of our stories were read in June so an average of 183 per day.

We find it fascinating to see how some stories drop out of popularity one month only to return a couple of months later.

It is interesting that there really seems to be a curiosity about shower masturbation and those stories seem to stay higher in the rankings than we think they deserve, whereas the story which is in twelfth position we both feel should be much more popular. The male orgasm denial story seems to hold up remarkably well – although maybe that is not the best choice of words!

Hope you find some you’ve not previously read below.

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Ra Ra Rasputin, Lover Of The Russian Queen – We’re Off To Moscow Until 8th July ~ Peter Stone

Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen. Why was he so desirable?We’ve always had a hankering for a visit to Russia and we’re combining it with a Viking River Cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow.

This means the blog will be unattended until we return, but we promise to read all emails. You’ll find the email address on the contact page.

If we can find out what made Rasputin so desirable to the female Russian nobility, we’ll report back. 

Now, I wonder what sex is like on river boat? Angie says cunnilingus with Rasputin could be a tad messy with that beard!

“Ra ra Rasputin, Russia’s famous love machine!”

Peter Stone

Question: Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Is Destroying Our Sex Life. What Can We Do? ~ Hazel of Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Hello Angela,

You don’t know me but I randomly stumbled across your blog and I love it! The only issue I have with it is it makes me quite jealous!

After a 1 year engagement, I’ve been married for 4 years to a man who is 16 years older than me. We’ve never really had a lot of sex. I have dysfunctional uterine bleeding meaning that I can bleed at any time and sometimes for weeks.

I’m 26 with quite a high sex drive but for the past few years it’s slowed down a lot realising that I’m not getting what I want.

I can’t orgasm with him. He doesn’t take the time and, to be honest, I’m sometimes disinterested in him sexually even though I love him a lot and am really hoping that the marriage works out, but there is a bit of a problem with my own sexuality. I am bisexual. I’ve been with women and I sometimes feel there is something missing with Michael. Sometimes I find I’ve been dreaming about sex with a woman and relationships I have had with them have been so satisfying and I want to make my relationship with Michael as good.
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Amber Part 2. Lovemaking To Die For. How Long Is Too Long When Having Sex? This Afro-Caribbean Girl Was Incredible ~ Peter Stone

This is the second post about Amber and I recommend reading part one first.

So, time was running short when I started the first section of this post about Amber Damenge, a twenty year-old Afro-Caribbean beauty who was brought to one of the orgy parties in Geoff’s flat by a previous sex partner called Monica.

This is way back in 1971 during the callous and sex mad period I was going through in London which I loosely call my sex monster years. The flat was a hotbed of shared sex and while half a dozen partners in any one evening was not unheard of, a tally of two or three was commonplace. Whenever I tell a story about this time I always emphasise the fact that no one was taking advantage of anyone else. All the participants were willing and any cry of ‘stop’ or ‘no’ would have brought an immediate cessation to whatever activity was taking place. We all respected each other. Continue reading