Getting Up Close And Personal With Wayne’s Penis. Would I Be Capable Of Fellating Him To Orgasm While He Slept? ~ Angela Goodnight

[This is the second in a sequence of stories about Wayne during the period in the seventies when I had made my mind up to try to find the one. I’m posting this particular story in two parts because I have my mum coming to stay and need to finish spring-cleaning.]

When I awoke Wayne was still beside me. It was almost a novelty having a man in my bed and the fact he was absolutely lovely was the most amazing bonus. I lay, gazing at his profile, watching his chest rise and fall and his hair flicking spasmodically as his breath disturbed its slumber.

I lifted my hand and ran a finger over his chin, sensing the rapidly developing stubble against my fingertip. I traced the outline of his face, encountering the smooth, hairless skin of his cheek before beginning to explore the long, untidy hair, threading it through my other fingers, sensing its softness.

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Was I Mad To Dump The Sexiest And Most Beautiful Girl In The Whole Wide World? ~ Peter Stone

[In the early seventies I had moved into a shared flat. The flat was rented by Geoff and my other flatmates were a student, John, and a rather lovely girl called Susan. I soon discovered that the regular parties were a hotbed of orgies. A continual array of nubile girls and fit young men descended with their bottles to partake the delights of the summer of love party scene, the famous seventies’ sexual parties. One night, one of my orgy conquests turned up with the most stunning model-like friend – a willowy blonde called Anne. She was far too inebriated to make love to, orgy or not, and I put her to sleep in my bed until the next morning when she awoke, horrified that she might have been raped. We arranged a proper date and it soon developed into the most gorgeous love affair. However, all good things come to an end.

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Our Romantic French Vacation. Paris And Chateau De La Beuvriere, Wonderful ~ Angela Goodnight

[This is story three from our 2011 French vacation.]

Of course, Peter being Peter, he drove straight into the centre of Paris with all its chaotic traffic, pulled up outside the Holiday Inn in La Place De La Republique, left me in the car and told me to pretend I didn’t speak French if any police came to move us, took the keys and went into the hotel.

He later told me he’d walked up to reception and said, “I’ve got a problem.”

The receptionist replied, “There are no problems, only solutions.”

He told them where he’d stopped, a porter was called and he unloaded our luggage then took the keys and we didn’t see the car again until we left two days later. Our Paris break had begun.

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So how was sex for you with a man you weren’t in love with? ~ Angela Goodnight

This question was put to me yesterday by a lady who I have been trying to help in her objective to get orgasms during actual lovemaking. We’re progressing on that problem, but, it has to be said, not at a rapid pace. She’s a similar age to me and with a man who doesn’t always seem to have his eye on his balls!

Anyway, I thought about the question and when I look back on my life I have only been truly in love with Peter although I did think I might have fallen for my abusive husband at the beginning and often shouted ‘I love you’ at crucial moments when my misogynist lover, Martin Napoli, brought me to orgasm. True love, however, just Peter.

What this means. of course, is all the other 24 were men I wasn’t in love with at all. However, I fancied all but one of them so the lady’s question might have more resonance if it was, “So how was sex with a man you didn’t even fancy?” and the answer to that I put in this story: Organ Donation – and the organ was my vulva!.

How was that for me? Sex with someone who was nothing more than a nice friend? Well, it was okay. I had a nice vulval glow afterwards and felt very good in myself. I think it was just me donating my sex organs in a charitable manner to a very lovely man who I neither fancied nor loved. I was 37, I think, at the time, so in my really randy years! I knew what I liked, I knew what got me off and I revelled in all aspects of the sex act.

Dreaming of making love

There was one occasion when I regretted having sex immediately afterwards. The man was asexual  and I regret to say that I actually acted in a predatory way towards him. We’d been dating for quite a while and I finally became puzzled as to why he hadn’t made a move on me, especially as we regularly kissed and cuddled. One night I decided to find out why he wasn’t interested. This is that story: Sex With An Asexual Man.

Angela Goodnight, 16th May 2015

April 2015 Top Ten Most Viewed Stories ~ Peter Stone

Angie relaxingI always love it when Angie wears one of my shirts so when I saw this lovely girl on another blog I thought she’d make a good image for the April top ten. Why is it that a girl in a man’s shirt and thigh high socks or stockings is so, so sexy? If only you could bottle it. Ladies, if you want to turn your man on big time, you know what to do!

The new website is going great guns so thanks to everyone for the support, although we still want you to listen to the audio version of one of our stories and give your opinion. This is the link to it.

Here are the top ten stories from both sites read during April 2015.

As usual many of our best stories never make the top twenty so please don;t use this as an exclusive list. To see all of the stories you are best to go to the life time-line page or to find them there.

We have provided a short description of each story beside each link to help you decide whether or not you have already read them. Some merit re-reading more than once, we’re told. 5,977 of our stories were read in April so an average of 199.

The amazing curiosity about shower masturbation continues.

Hope you enjoy browsing the list. Just click “continue” if the list doesn’t already appear below.

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Save 20% Until 10th May On My Print Books

If you go to Angie’s spotlight you can choose any of the print books and claim a 20% discount by using code MOM20 at check out.

That includes both Angie’s and my paperbacks. The offer does not apply to eBooks which start at just a dollar or pound anyway.

Don’t forget – 10th May deadline and only if you purchase from LuLu.

Peter Stone, 5th May 2015

We’d Like Your Help. Angela Has Produced An Audio Of One Of Her Stories. We Need To Know What You Think ~ Peter Stone

Blind GirlWe’ve been asked, on several occasions, if we could produce the stories as audio files. We have produced them as pdfs so that partially sighted people can hear a computer reading them, but there is no emotion in a computer voice. Making love is described just as plainly as baking a cake or assembling a bicycle.

With us needing to protect our identities we can’t very well just read the stories ourselves and, for the same reason, we are reluctant to employ someone to read them for us as we’d need to be there to ensure the emphasis is correct. The more people who know who we are, the more likely it is that our identities will be revealed. These are our stories, about our lives and we need to tell them in our own ways to ensure that nothing is lost in the telling.

We have been experimenting with a piece of software which slightly changes the pitch of our voices and we have come up with a voice which cannot be identified as Angie. We are not totally happy with it, it is a bit deeper than Angie’s, but decided to read one of her stories using it and get you, our readers, to tell us what you think in an anonymous survey.

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