I Was A Two-Timing Sex Mad Boyfriend. Should She Dump Me? I’d Said I Loved Her. ~ Peter Stone

What is it with men? We find ourselves girls with perfect bodies who enjoy making love in exciting and novel ways and then we screw it all up because another has caught our eye.

I’ve posted about Andrea three times already. The first was the taking of her virginity on the beach at Mark’s Bay, the second a wonderful lovemaking in her bedroom and the third the most delightful cowgirl sex on the beach in Mark’s Bay once more.

I was in the early stages of what I call my sex monster years when getting my end away was more important than the feelings of the girls I was banging. However, when I started dating Andrea it seemed to be just perfect. Apart from not being Angela, she was everything I could possibly want in a girl. When wearing dresses she seemed to almost drift along the street, like an angel moving ephemerally a few inches above the pavement in a dreamy manner. In her school uniform she inspired huge desire within me with her rolled-over skirt, black stocking covered thighs and white knee-length socks. In a bikini or shorts her body made her nothing less than the sexiest, most desirable creature in the whole world. Continue reading

Can You Have An Orgasm Simply By Thinking About It? Penis And Vagina In Perfect Harmony. ~ Angela Goodnight

Two weeks after we’d returned from Madeira Martin Napoli moved in with me. I’ve described him in other posts. You can read about me meeting him in Madeira, again making love back in London and also in this much earlier post about my abusive first husband. Remember that these posts are not always in chronological order. Obviously I can’t remember the detail of our conversations so long ago so please forgive some writer’s licence as regards the dialogue in these stories. The guts of the stories are, as always, true.

It was wonderful to have a man there to love and for whom to cook. I’d got sick to death of cooking for myself and I couldn’t hold continual streams of dinner parties.

Martin worked for several national newspapers, freelancing and selling his stories to the highest bidders. It kept him pretty busy and involved quite a lot of travelling in and around the capital. Sometimes farther afield, too. His work days had to be flexible and today, a Sunday, he was doing a piece on Kew Gardens so would be home about 5pm.

The sex continued to be brilliant and multi-orgasmic lovemaking was the norm. His energy and technique seemed to suit my body so well. I loved having him in my bed. Continue reading

Cunnilingus To A Magnificent Orgasm Followed By The Most Wonderful Vanilla Lovemaking You Could Ever Desire. Is This Heaven On Earth? ~ Peter Stone

I’m going to take you back to 1970 for today’s story. If you have been following the blog you might remember Clarisse. At the time I was 22 and working as a joiner’s mate – the ‘gofor’ who fetched and carried for a skilled carpenter during building contracts. Once I’d got the hang of the joiner’s main function and needs I became really good at the job and Michael ensured he looked after me, adding substantial cash payments to my pay packet each week. Tax man forgive me. It was a long time ago. A good gofor who really understands the craftsman’s needs can save him a lot of money by ensuring the right timber, tools or fittings are where they need to be without having to be asked. I even rough cut some timber for him which he really appreciated. We were a great team.

Clarisse was clerking on one of the building sites and my chat up lines managed to score a ‘hit’ with her. We went for a meal and when I came to kiss her goodnight on her doorstep she invited me in. Her parents were away. Such a wonderful surprise and we made love in her room. The story is recounted here. I was flattered that she honoured me with her virginity. It was a little sad that she had a bad time with it, bled substantially and was a little sore. I’m glad it was me who took it because I know how to be gentle and to arouse a girl properly. Even so I could do nothing to stop the bleed or the small amount of soreness she suffered. A less thoughtful man might have ruined her experience. As it is, despite the soreness, she enjoyed her first lovemaking anyway and I also had the pleasure of taking her to a clitoris orgasm manually later in the night. She had never had any orgasm previously so was thrilled with that and, of course, I kept my hand well clear of her vagina so as to not aggravate the damage to her hymen further. Continue reading

Do Male Or Female Orgasms Come Quicker, Last Longer, Produce More Ejaculate and Fire Further? Which Is Best? ~ Angela Goodnight

Would you like to swap your sex for an experience or forever?Like me, you have probably wondered what it would be like to experience lovemaking from the perspective of the opposite sex. To enjoy what men sense as they penetrate us, their rise to orgasm and frenetic end to copulation. Peter tells me that he would love to experience what I feel during penetration, the way orgasms incapacitate me and the thrill of having multiple orgasms. I am sure there are few people in the world who would not like to experience those events from the other’s viewpoint.

Regular readers, do you remember when I turned a camera and mirror upon myself – described in this post – following up a suggestion by Clitical.com? It gave me an insight into what happens to my body during arousal and the build up to orgasm. Seeing those changes to my labia and the contractions themselves plus squirting was fabulous. I have no idea why I had not used a mirror during masturbation previously and I recommended every girl does it to help her see what goes on ‘down below’. Continue reading

Slow Sensuous Cowgirl Sex. Is There Any Better Way To Experience A Vulva And Vagina Of A Girl Of Your Dreams? ~ Peter Stone

I have already blogged about Andrea twice. Once when she honoured me with her virginity on the beach of Mark’s Bay, a small cove west of the larger Linet Bay in Gurney. The second time was in her bedroom when I managed to give her an orgasm, through cunnilingus, the first of her life.

It was 1966, I was eighteen and Andrea sixteen, tall, slim, blond with wonderful blue eyes. Just about perfect. Strangely she is one of my few conquests who I still actually bump into from time to time. Today she is obese. Her waist certainly bigger than her hips or bust and I often wonder how the beautiful girl I made love to all those years ago drifted into the woman I see around Gurney today. If we bump into each other we always say hello and I see a smile cross her face, but neither of us have ever alluded to that brief teenage affair. Of course, she also knows that I’m married to Angie who was in the same class as her between ’62 and Christmas ’64 when Angie went to Stafford. Andrea moved to the secondary modern school at the end of the spring term. Last Wednesday I came out of the chemist and could see her waddling along the street, swollen ankles, a skirt or dress down to mid calf and mid thigh length coat. It made me feel really sad. She had been so beautiful and took such a pride in her appearance. Continue reading

Fellatio. He Gave Me Four Orgasms In One Lovemaking. Didn’t He Deserve A Fabulous Blow Job? ~ Angela Goodnight

During the Madeira holiday with my mother in May 1982 she let me have another couple of dates with Martin when I ended up in his hotel suite and also an evening in our apartment where we cooked a Chinese meal for him. My mother frowned when I went back to his hotel with him, but she didn’t really mind. She was so happy I’d found someone I really liked. Maybe loved?

The sex was incredible. He was so intense and athletic, an ex rugby player for London Irish so very fit indeed and although we had some gentle lovemaking, there was usually a frantic session with me being pounded into the bed. So exciting and invigorating. Plenty of orgasms for me and spectacular climaxes for him. No grumbles in the bed department. He was also very much a gentleman, thoughtful and considerate. All bodes well for the future as he lived near Heathrow, a few miles from my flat and business.

On departure day we all sat together in the Funchal departure lounge awaiting the afternoon jet back to London Gatwick. Picture of Jacaranda tree in Madeira by Angela GoodnightI was going to miss the blue blossom of the avenues of Jacaranda trees and the fun time I’d had with my mum. I’d taken her away to get over the death of her younger sister, my auntie. Unfortunately, with my father being a headmaster, he couldn’t come with us. Continue reading

Sweet Second Lovemaking And Her First Orgasm. A Wonderful Experience Never Forgotten ~ Peter Stone

I previously blogged about Andrea Wilson, a stunning sixteen year old willowy blonde virgin who had honoured me by allowing me to be the first boy to make love with her.

The event had taken place in a cove called Mark’s Bay which is just west of Linet Bay in Gurney. The cove is completely isolated when the tide is in so tourists are not able to walk into it around the headland. The only access is via the coast path where there is a one hundred step descent. Peter Stone and Andrea Wilson having sex on a beachWe’d made love late afternoon on a sunny, warm August day. It was a beautiful experience which I will always remember.

Not all girls bleed or suffer pain when losing their virginity, but some do experience one or the other or both. Andrea had bled quite profusely and ruined the t-shirt I’d put under her ‘just in case’. However, she never felt any pain at all and there was just a small gasp of pleasure when I penetrated her.

I had a reputation for loving girls and then leaving them and Andrea was expecting the same treatment. Also, looking back over the thirty or so stories I have written for the blog, they give a dreadful impression of me, making it look as if my entire existence is dedicated to one-night-stands and that really is not the case. Continue reading