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Angela Goodnight is a well known sex blogger, agony aunt and erotic author with six books.

Her partner, Peter Stone is the tech behind the blog and website. He is also an author of a sexually explicit thriller and two erotic books. He is also Angie's sounding board

Background to their writing

Autumn of Love Romance by Angela Goodnight

Angela Goodnight & her co-author, and now husband, Peter Stone were teenage lovers in the 1960s. They found each other through facebook in 2010 & enjoyed reminiscing.

When Fifty Shades of Grey came up in their conversation they joked that their own teenage experiences would make a good steamy novel. Angela then decided to write some of their story and gave it to Peter. While he enjoyed what there was of it, he told Angela that it was a long way off the mark as regards what he was feeling during their petting and, particularly, during a weekend they'd had together. However he was very impressed with how Angela put over her feelings as a girl, particularly the unique sensations a girl experiences during lovemaking. He thought more could be made of this talent.

Angela had, of course, described all of the feelings, experiences and emotions from her own, a female perspective, as a woman writing about her time as a girl. She True Seaside Love Story by Peter Stonehardly had any concept of how her desires and sensations were interpreted by Peter and how he reacted to them.

So, eventually she challenged Peter to write the same story from his perspective, translating her feelings during his discovering of her vulva, vagina and clitoris into the effect it was having upon his penis and glans.

They both admitted to each other that they really had had no concept of the other's point of view sexually. They both knew it was wonderfully adventurous and a sensational experience, but he had as little understanding of the feelings she had just before and during a huge orgasm, as she had of what it meant to ejaculate whilst participating in the same event.

They tried to amalgamate  the two stories into a single work but found that there was far too much and too complicated head-hopping - "he thought this, but she was feeling that" - the story was being destroyed by it.

They resolved the issue by both writing their own version of events and publishing them separately. Those two books are shown above and are called "True Seaside Love Story" which gives the penal view, and "Autumn Of Love", which provides, as Peter describes it, the clitoral view from under the hood!

The two authors then spent a great deal of time trying to make their works have the same style of writing and this was done by Angela editing both versions to the point where they were both happy with the results. Autumn of Love, as a rewrite, was edited by Peter.

Their names are pseudonyms owing to the erotic content of some of their books. This is to protect other individuals and themselves from inappropriate contact. They believe their writing, if it were to be seen by Angela's 90 year old mother and Peter's grandchildren would upset them.

However, it must be emphasised that the stories are true. To read about their real lives, click on these links: Angela Goodnight; Peter Stone.

Click here to read an extract from one of the books. Be aware that the content is erotic and sexually explicit.

Earlier in 2014 they have jointly begun publishing volumes of short sexual stories under the title Angela's Famous Sexual Adventures. Peter has published a thriller - The Case Of The Girl With The Turquoise Eyes and Angela has just added the true story of her first marriage under the title Roses Are Red, Violence Is Blue. They are also listed on the link below.